Is Normal What We Really Want?

Is Normal What We Really Want?

Go Back to….

Go Forward to…

May We Embrace The Pause to choose.

What Normal was.

What Normal will be.

Normal may not be what we are striving for. 

Normal may have been the fraud in our lives. It may never have been our truth. It may just have been something we did. A kind of, go through the motions, full of should’s and what we thought were the expectations of others.

Perhaps it’s time to not just sort through the drawers in our kitchens and closets in our bedrooms. Perhaps it’s time to sort through our thoughts, patterns, routines. Our hearts.

What will we let go of that was never us and what will we continue with that we’ve uncovered is our truth. Who we really are and what we really want.

So rather than something we did, for others. We can now do something for ourselves which in the end, is for everyone.

Where did all this normal come from? Time to visit Google.

Edward Phillips in 1658 defined Normal as “done exactly to the rule, or square.” 

Hmmm. Everyday we hear ourselves and others saying they don’t fit, they don’t want to fit. I hear others telling me how exhausted they are trying to fit. People get sick from living up to the expectations of fitting.

People run away, so they don’t have to fit.

Or they stay and hide how much they just can’t fit.

Normal – comes from the Latin word normalis, describing something from a carpenters square. Something made to perfectly fit into a general pattern, where all is standard, average.

Google continues;

A Normal person is evidently content with routines, typically not very deep or creative. There may even be tunnel vision. Normal people can find anything that deviates from their rules as unacceptable.

Normal – the lack of significant deviation from the average. 

Now I’m starting to feel nauseous and a tad twitchy. But I’m taking a deep breath, because there’s more.

Typical, expected, common, ordinary, conventional, habitual, settled, fixed, run-of-the-mill, unremarkable, unexceptional, simple, homely, homespun.

Yeah, I’ve had enough. Now I’ve completely lost my appetite for this thing we have been asking to return to. 

I’m not going to yearn for going back to Normal. I think I’m going to take time to define what it means to be me. I’m going to do my best not to design myself into someone who fits perfectly anywhere. Not a misfit or an unfit, just a “no” to fitting.

I’m checking out  the antonyms – different, extraordinary, rare, uncommon, unusual, exceptional. 

No to Normal.

No to “New Normal”

Yes to True.  Yes to my heart. I don’t know what all of my True is yet for me, but I do know I won’t be fitting into any rule or square.

Source; Google

Photos; Stock Photos Pexels and Pixabay


  1. Wow – this is awesome!

  2. Your best yet. Thanks

    • Thanks so much. Good to hear from you Sheila.

  3. I loved this one too!!! It really makes you ponder and think!

    • It keeps me aware of the direction of my thoughts and what I am giving my energy to.
      Thanks for your comments Kathy.

  4. Wise words Sharon!!!!!
    BTW, I’ve never thought of you as normal, but then I don’t think of myself that way either!!!!

    • To enjoying our authenticity!
      Thanks Ingrid.

  5. Normal is sounding quite boring, not exciting, not creative, not unique. I could go on. Yes to our rareness, our extraordinary-ness, uniqueness, exceptional-ness! And our new vocabulary!!

    • To embracing the NEW!
      Thanks Judy for your comment.

  6. I agree- thinking about ‘getting back to normal’ is not what I want to be spending energy on. I have been spending energy on looking at myself and figuring out who I am and want to spend energy thinking about ‘who I’ll be on the other side of this’.

    • Bravo!
      I love this. We have been given this time to “rethink” rather than “return”.
      May we allow ourselves to enjoy and live our authenticity.


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