The Energy of 2020

The Energy of 2020

The energy of 2020 is based on the science of Numerology.

First, the math;

The Universal Energy of 2020 is a “4”

The equation is 2+0+2+0 = 4

2019 was the Universal Energy of “3”

Some will say a new decade is upon us while others disagree and support the new decade beginning in 2021. Regardless, a new year has begun and with it a new energy.

The “4” energy is all about work, getting things done and seeing to things that need attention.

The “4” is a building energy and therefore it is very much about the process. Starting at the beginning and moving through each step till completion. 

A strong foundation is needed to weather all that Life presents. Life at times hits hard and cracks will appear. When they do, it’s important that they are attended to and repaired well, not just glossed over, pushed aside or hidden. We all know attempting to turn a blind eye, thinking no one will notice, that it will all just be okay is foolish. The opportunity to ignore is brief. The crack grows and before you know it, becomes an abyss.

This is an energy that asks you to be organized, stay on track, be on time. Putting things off, will only result is a mess occurring where things run amuck, projects come in late, miscommunication occurs you show up ‘a day late and a dollar short.’ Opportunities are missed.

2019 the Energy of “3” a social, creative energy that requires freedom and is very much about expression and standing up for ones beliefs, it seeks the truth. 

We experienced Hong Kong’s demonstrations towards human rights and Greta Thunberg giving the youth of the world a voice on Climate Change.

The social,  a time of promoting of oneself, there was a Federal Election in Canada. 

Creatively there were indigenous artists like Kelly Fraser an Inuit-Canadian who took the pop song “Diamonds” by Rhianna and mixed native Inuktitut language with English. Jeremy Dutcher a Wolastoqiyik First Nation indigenous tenor, musician, composer; recreated traditional indigenous melodies combining them with pop, rock and opera. 

Now comes 2020 the Energy of “4” and my oh my our foundation is cracking. 

We have a minority government, where we could possibly experience another election. The protests in Hong Kong continue. Racism, bullying, terrorizing each other must heal. Fires rage from coast to coast in Australia. Our weather changes are screaming at us to wake up and find solutions to repair the damage we have created. We have a housing crisis and to add to it a growing number of landlords are playing the renovicting card.

“4” energy does not care to conform to rules that are outdated. It likes to make its own rules, go off the beaten track and look outside the box. Watch for the presence of those who push us towards forward thinking and doing it differently. We need solutions and we need to be open to moving in new directions.

Whether in your work, your home, relationships; roll up your sleeves and get to work. Don’t hide the cracks.

Face them.

Own them.

Fix them.

Heal them.

And forward you go!

To know more about what 2020 is for you as an individual and how to calculate your own Personal Year, get in touch with me. Balance the energies and flow with the current you are in rather than flailing against it. Attract positive possibilities and create what you truly wish to manifest this year. 

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Photos by; Feature photo, MD Efthakhar UI Alam, Barn building, Randy Fath, Cracks in the wall, Sebastian Herrmann


  1. Thanks Sharon, this is really helpful for me to think about as I think about what I want 2020 to look like for me.
    It’s time to think about the cracks, time to face them, own them, fix them, heal them and then move forward.

    • Remember, this is the Universal Energy of the Year. What will be happening in the world around you, in business, work, Life. If you want to know your own Personal Energy, give me a shout. Enjoy it all! Sharon


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