Benefits of Personal Research

Each of us has our own history – a Series of journeys we’ve chosen to experience so that we may further our evolution. Each chapter of our story is recorded within the archives of our being, our own personal library, wherein resides The Source, Our Truth.

Researching our information provides us the opportunity to live consciously in the present, which places us in a greater position of positive choice, from where we can be an active participant in creating our reality.

Personal Research re-awakens us to where we have been, who we are now and the limitless possibilities of where we may go.

Living by Universal Laws will change Your World. Your World will change The World.

It’s not enough for anyone to ‘See You’ to ‘Get You.’ You need to ‘See You’ to ‘Get You.’ So you can Be You.


You may consider Personal Research for the following reasons:

  • Reoccurring Patterns – Change what sabotages your progress
  • Releasing Blocks – That keep you from succeeding
  • Mental Health – Understanding the Origin and moving into the Healing
  • Wounds – What they have given you, rather than what they have taken from you
  • Relationships – Know what purpose they serve in your life
  • Career – Living true, being where you  are happy
  • Financial – Limiting beliefs that keep you from prosperity
  • The Source of Physical Symptoms – The Emotional Connection
  • Past Life Recall – How other realities contribute to present time
  • Creating the Life you want – Become a conscious participant
  • Putting the Pieces Together – Making sense of it all
  • Raising Your Vibration – Choosing a Higher Consciousness

Appointment Length

Appointments are one hour in length
* You are welcome to book a longer appointment


In Person or Remote (Google Meet, Zoom, etc.)


Cash or E-Transfer
First Appointment: $150.00
Subsequent Appointments: $120.00

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations need to be 24 hours prior to your appointment. Under 24 hours, there will be a charge of $75.00.