That the unexamined life is not worth living may be extreme, but at the very least, the unexamined life is in danger of being misdirected and even wasted.


I welcome you to Personal & Professional Research.

332.NEF-001 - Version 2Researching yourself and receiving your information, your story, allows you to step back and see the bigger picture. This gives you the opportunity to wake up and live consciously in the present. The pieces fall into place and it all begins to make sense why you created this for yourself – what you chose to learn, heal, grow from and evolve into.

My intention is to facilitate for you. To take what appears to be complex and confusing and bring it back to its original simplicity. To where you can enjoy and embrace your truth.

Your story, regardless of how ordinary you view it to be – through fresh eyes will become extraordinary.

I have also created a Blog, titled Cooke’s Notes where I post regularly. I hope to encourage thought and inspire awareness, through personal anecdotes, tips and techniques. I invite your comments, questions and hope you will subscribe.

May you enjoy the times we live in – for they are like no other.

Sharon Cooke

“A hero is anyone who finds their way through this life”

Film; Unstrung Heroes 1995 directed by; Diane Keaton