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Cooke’s Notes is thirty years of experience and observations, some from where I have been, many from where I am now.

Stories, anecdotes, tips, techniques and views; from everyday experiences that illustrate metaphysical concepts. May they assist you in getting what you read off the page and into your life. Taking something you know and transforming it into something you live.

“I’m not going to tell the story the way it happened,
I’m going to tell it the way I remember it.”

Fin Bell in the film adaptation of Great Expectations

The Energy of 2022

The Energy of 2022

The energy of 2022 is based on the science of Numerology.

First, the math;

The Universal Energy of 2022 is a “6”

The equation is 2+0+2+2 = 6

2021 was the Universal Energy of “5”

Let’s do a recap of what a Universal Year 5 was all about.

The Energy of CHANGE.

A time of no turning back. Going forward, recreating, being open to new ways, new ideas.

2021 showed us so much that continued to need work.

I’m not sure much changed, I feel more of what we were shown is what needed to change.

We put lovely slogans, what we want, what we stand for on T-Shirts, in greeting cards, posters, the lyrics in a song. And so often we have our children wear these lovely expressions of ideology, while we behave, talk and think in the opposite direction.

“Be Kind” “Love” “Stop Bullying” “Hug” “Every Child Matters” 

2021 brought so much change that your head was spinning. Every day a new ruling. One day everything is opening up and the next capacities shrink back. Two shots will keep you safe and then, no – not anymore. Three will do it. Get outside – stay in and isolate. 

Accept choice, respect each other and then, no, don’t do that. Draw a line and only associate with those who choose the same as you. This is safe, this is good. All doing the same thing, the same way.

We learned of hundreds of children in unmarked graves. Facing our history and yet those who contributed not able to apologize as that would send the message they were responsible.

How we treat our elders, continues to be without regard. Somehow wisdom from a life lived has taken a back seat. If you cannot navigate Minecraft, do not have an Instagram account or create videos on TikTok makes you less then.

The act of change for the sake of change got out of hand to keep you distracted from what truly needed to be attended to.

Confusion escalated and Clarity took a dive downward. 

What are the rules now? What do we need to do? Can I travel? Hockey, yes! Oh no its been cancelled, just got a refund.

Did anyone pause and take a moment to ask. If I’m so confused perhaps life is attempting to get my attention.

So much to change, so much to learn. Minds and Eyes that need to open, to clear, refresh and rethink.

And now it’s 2022. The Energy of the “6”

Balance, returning to what is true and in harmony from within to without.

Look to yourself, look to your environment – personally and globally.

Time to take care of your personal home, the home you dwell in and the home planet you live on.

A very home and hearth energy, the “6” is.

This will be a time to truly pay attention and attend to what is needed.

And more than ever, we need a lot! 

We need people to return and remember that we are not an island unto ourselves. Everything we do, everything we think radiates out and our children, our planet reflects back like energy.

So pause and look around you. What have you created? Is it truly healthy, does it give you a sense of well being? How’s the harmony, the balance? Face it, see it and then get to it! Tomorrow, is not an option. What can you do Today?

Let’s consider the “bigger picture” step back a bit – no better, step way back.


Climate change. Loosing our crops, roadways collapsing. Perhaps we need to give attention to those who take care of our food, those who transport our goods. A reality check. More gratitude to our land, the people who work it on our behalf and those who get it to where we can purchase it and take it home.

This weather raises havoc. People loose their homes, jobs, livelihoods, lives. What happens next is that people come together, communities reunite and we set aside our differences in culture, lifestyle, personal and political choice and we help and care for one another. 

This word, “together” we hear every day. In it together has nothing to do with being the same. It’s about together we are a power, being good, truly good to one another in the energy of acceptance and respect. We need to right our home and return it to where it is of benefit to all, where it contributes to the all.


Was never meant to be a place to hide in. It’s a place to come home to. Pay attention to what you “house” in your home. The home that provides a roof over your head and the home that holds your heart and brain.

Your home cannot be an abode of Fear. It will fall a part, it will get sick. Fear destroys.

Love, lots of love. Love in your home, in your thoughts, your words, your food, in the making of your bed, in the washing of your clothes. 

We will never get well living with fear. It helps no one and our planet is screaming at us to stop.

Love and Gratitude. This is what we need. We need to take part and this is where we come together, where we reunite and where we heal.

From the inside out, not the other way around. 

Anything from the outside, can enhance but is not the solution to keeping us healthy and safe. Supplements, medicines, fashion, makeup, exercise, vegetables are only part of the picture. Depending on them may more than likely lead to disappointment.

What happens on the inside is what keeps you healthy, vibrant, creative, inspired, focused, clear and able to think.

YOU have to take care of YOU. Your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes. Your dialogue. How you spend your time, who and what you connect with. What you “feed” yourself, on all levels. What goes in your mouth and in your head.

How we fuel ourselves. Everything from what we chew, drink, “smoke,” what we stream, read. What others tell us, what we tell ourselves. Does it build you up or tear you down?


Family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, your work, your planet, Yourself! What relationships need more attention? Are they healthy, are they toxic? What needs more love. What needs letting go of. 

We must stop scaring ourselves, stop scaring our kids, stop scaring our pets! 

Be aware, be awake – but don’t be terrified. 

This is a year where our environment, our home, our relationships will ask us to take care and clean it up.

Fear must go. Love must be embraced.

May we choose to not need disasters to wake us up. May we open our eyes and ears now.

May we ask that manipulation stop. No to manipulating our weather and our people.

May we come to know that Universal Law and Mother Nature will not stand for our negligence. 

We know better, therefore Life is asking us to do better. Now.

“6” is harmony, balance, nature, home, relationships from the inside out. Our planet needs us. We need us. 

May we choose to rise to the occasion.


Knowing your Personal Year gives you information so you can align with you  and how to be in better harmony with the times we are experiencing. My book “A Simple Formula” will give you this information and if you are ready to know more about you I’m here to work with you. May you enjoy it all, Sharon

Photos: Tree in shape of Earth,  Child with clay earth,