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Stories, anecdotes, tips, techniques and views; from everyday experiences that illustrate metaphysical concepts.

My intention is that they inspire thought. That you will choose to think. That they present you with the opportunity to take a shorter route. Where I took years to truly wake up, get it and take action, by sharing, you will achieve awareness, wonder and manifest your desires in far less time.

May they assist you in getting what you read off the page and into your life. Taking something you know and transforming it into something you live.

“I’m not going to tell the story the way it happened,
I’m going to tell it the way I remember it.”

Fin Bell in the film adaptation of Great Expectations

Inheritance, “Great Expectations”

Inheritance, “Great Expectations”

Life Through Film

“Stories reminding ourselves of Universal Truths, 

that awaken us to our possibilities”

There was a time that the only inheritance given any attention to, was financial, something physical that carried with it some worth that would supposedly make your life better. You were either in the will or you weren’t.

But there is an inheritance that can land into your reality where it has nothing to do with the passing of another or the announcement you receive sitting across from a desk in a lawyers office.

When not conscious, unaware, we can inherit the programming of the ones who have come before us. Beliefs, attitudes, pain, wounds. Wrongs done, abuse , fears real and imagined can find their way into our being and in time whether we experienced what brought them into being or not, they can feel as if we have lived them and attract a reality that confirms it.

Those who come before us, who meet us on our path, present us not with a fate that is preordained but with the choice to learn and benefit from. To heal, to grow, to be inspired, motivated, to go forward with our own evolution. 

This is a choice you can make. Or you can choose to take any misfortune, ills, wounds and nurture them, allowing them to take hold and become your identity.

What is there for us to inherit is up to us. Be awake to what has come before you and decide how you will use the legacy of another.

In the film adaptation of Charles Dickens, “Great Expectations” Miss Dinsmoor has been wronged. Left standing alone, abandoned on her wedding day, humiliated, her heart broken. Her world stops, shuts down at that very moment. Leaving her to replay her pain over and over. It festers and grows to where she feels entitled to seek revenge.

She grooms her niece Estella to have the young boy Finn become attracted to her and over time fall in love with her. Estella will break his heart the way Miss. Dinsmoor’s fiancé broke hers.

No one gains from this. No growth, no love, no joy, no going forward.

Legacy’s inherited are meant to be one’s that take us onward and upward into new creations.

Inheriting pain and fear takes us into manifesting further destruction, of benefit to no one.

Look to those who have come before you. Look to those who come after you. What will you choose to inherit? What will you choose to leave as your legacy? Will it be of benefit? Will it contribute to the greater good?

I hope so.


We all need healing and the opportunity to experience well being.

We have all done the repeat of hurt, wounding and destruction towards ourselves and others long enough.

May we choose differently.


An Aside

In this film the colours blue and green are predominant. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and blue, the throat chakra.

A story about the expressions of the heart. Words to break a heart or heal a heart. The choice is always ours.


Photos; Sharon Cooke, Internet Film Stock

View; Disney +

Released; January 1998

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Based on: Charles Dickens (novel 1861

Screenplay: Mitch Glazer

Produced by: Art Linson, John Linson


Ethan Hawke

Gwyneth Paltrow

Hank Azaria

Chris Cooper

Anne Bancroft

Robert De Niro

Narrated by: Ethan Hawke