A Simple Formula

The Rhythm of Your Days 

Avoid Drowning; and Swim

By Sharon A. Cooke


Your day has run amuck.

You are tired, frustrated, discouraged, close to shaking your fist at life.

You are drowning.

And then you remember your formula.

You put the numbers in their proper place

and then you step into your energy.

You align.

All is clearer, better. And off you go again.

Life is on your side — it is there for you. It is simple.

When you are there for you, in harmony with you,

Everything has the opportunity to come together.

You take a breath. You do not drown.

You swim.

A Simple Formula gives you your daily rhythm

and allows you to receive the opportunity to cooperate with your energy.

When you respect the ebb and flow of your world, you move in sync with the Universe.

Being in harmony with yourself, you contribute to the harmony of the world.

Our world, our planet earth, needs you.

You need you.

I was waiting for the perfect day, when it would be safe to break free. There is no perfect day. There is just the moment when you can’t exist in the mess any longer and I heard myself say, “No.” That one day I said, “No” to where I was, I started to swim. First, I struggled, against the current. God, it was exhausting!  There had to be an easier way.

I found this tool within the science of Numerology. I started applying it. I grew stronger and healthier.  I developed the ability to be honest with myself and accept responsibility for what I created.

Each day, I practiced aligning to the energy of my cycle. At first I floundered. I messed up. But it spoke to me and just giving it a try, Life reached out to me, sent me positive results for my efforts, proving I could do it, that it worked. My life was better, the darkness shrunk, my fears grew less. It all got easier. I  had found my rhythm.


What You’ll Receive

Law and Flow of Energy

Expectations & Benefits

Master Energies

The Formula

The Cycles 1 through 9

Energy of The Year

Energy of The Day

Quick Review

Harmonizing With Others

Triple Energies

A Simple Formula Book


Book Reviews

“The formula has given me insight and I am noticing more magic in the everyday. It has given me more direction, focus and curiosity. I find it fascinating- and take note when things happen according to the day. Thanks for sharing your gifts.” – Jenn B.

“I have found that your reminders to laugh, have fun, watch my thoughts/words, are invaluable whatever the day. It’s a book I like to keep handy, check my day, relax and flow. I love A Simple Formula, your writing, the information, the layout.” – Sheila H.

“Even though I understood numerology was a tool for tapping into our energies, it wasn’t until I read, A Simple Formula, and referred to it each morning for a couple of cycles that there is a REAL RHYTHM in how life is expressed for us. I always make sure to plan and set my intentions on day 1. I notice I stay motivated to reel in what I have focused on with an easy catch over my 9 days. I really hone in on my timing for both home and business. I am starting to know my flow – when to stop and when to go! I find it easier to nurture myself, keep my boundaries and don’t feel as guilty to say no anymore because there is an energy to it all. When I honour this energy then by day 8 and day 9 look out because my zest and ambition makes success chase me instead of me chasing it!” – Virginia L. S.

“Sharon Cooke makes life as easy as “1, 2, 3…”.  I’m not a math person but “A Simple Formula” makes it  easy to follow and implement daily.   Life isn’t a hit and miss anymore.  Its helped me make sense of my life and has eased my anxiety.” – Tonya B.

“We had our trailer for sale for 6 weeks, with no success.

One morning while meditating, I received a message, “Look at your numbers.” I then referred to, A Simple Formula. I decided that day to put the price of the trailer at $14,400.00 which added up to a 9. My husband changed the ad to reflect the new price. I am in a #9 year, my husband is in a #9 year. It was time to let go of what did not serve us anymore. We sold the trailer within days. The day we sold the trailer, was a #9 day for myself. The amount of money we sold it for equaled a #9. We successfully let go. Deepest Thanks and gratitude for the great amount of knowledge and wisdom Sharon Cooke has shared in her book, A Simple Formula.” – Linda M.