Professional Research

Presents Your Team with the opportunity to choose their best self in your work environment.

I believe when people have their own information as to who they are and how best to balance their energy they are placed in a position to give their best and realize their potential.

When people respect themselves and honour their innate strengths and gifts, they tend to give the same respect to others.

People who are aware of their chemistry and how to harmonize with their partner and team, achieve and see ideas manifest.

Present your team with this opportunity, where they can successfully contribute to the culture of your company, working on behalf of the greater good.

Being presented with the individual energies of your staff, you will also receive the priority energy of the team and be given information as to how to utilize the Collective Energy, from where it is free to flourish.

Improve productivity – Attract positive results, rather than chasing after and forcing desired outcomes.

Healthy Environment – Motivated and Inspired work community, where individuals have come together and naturally support the brand they have chosen to collaborate with.

Power in Choice – When it’s not working, your staff has information that places them in a position of Choice to realign with themselves and their teammates, moving forward from a place of balance.

Know who you are attracting and likewise who you have chosen to hire. Having people in the right position, performing the right work, authentic to who they are and where they can excel and the company can succeed.

Subsequent Appointments

Spend time one on one with team assisting them in working with their energies and balancing with teammates. Facilitating techniques to release blocks and form new patterns that take them forward.

Group Workshops


A Simple Formula Workshop