Choose to Be and It Will Find You, “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Choose to Be and It Will Find You, “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Life Through Film

“Stories reminding ourselves of Universal Truths, 

that awaken us to our possibilities”

To pursue happiness.

Means to seek it out, chase it, go after it. 

You may actually catch up with it, you may grab hold of it. 

But when you run after something in hopes of capturing it, it must run from you. 

You are running, happiness is running. The chase can go on forever.

But let’s just say you decide to entertain a Universal Law…Like Attracts Like.

You choose to be happy, where you are right now. You declare, “I am happy.”

You state what you are happy about. 

Regardless of  where you are in life.

Regardless of your present circumstance.

You can stop and look about you and affirm happiness. 

Maybe it’s because you have hot water, food in your fridge, the sun came out, someone said something that made you laugh. 

You choose happy.

That energy goes out and happy returns to you.

No chasing after, no pursuing.

Just choose to stand and be in the energy of happiness and happiness will come knocking and all you need to do is open the door and welcome it in.

In the biographical film depiction of Chris Gardner, as a man who is in the midst of struggle and one challenge and obstacle after another, he reflects on the Declaration of Independence. Especially on the part of the unalienable right, the right to pursue happiness.

Chris’ life is in a place that no one wants. On the verge of loosing his home.

His wife Linda is not happy.

Left with his young son, they both choose that they are happy and that’s a “good thing.”

He has the happy energy and it will see him through…BUT.

He has limitation. He is a salesman. He has a product and he is locked into what he needs to sell to pay his rent and daycare.

His wife is locked into her unhappiness and that her husband isn’t doing enough and she has to work double shifts to contribute to making ends meet. 

NOT flourishing, just surviving, getting by.

I’ve done this and I can tell you, it’s a choice that gets exactly what you choose. That A gives you B and if you don’t have A, you don’t get B. This is limitation and limitation equates to hard work and struggle.


Chris could have sold his product. Linda could have worked her job. 

If they had tweaked it just a bit and focused and affirmed that they had all they needed, rent, daycare, groceries, good fortune. Life would have assisted them with this.

But when we decide that we can only get B if we do A then Life has to honour our choice and let us be with it.

But it will let us know that it may not be the best choice for all concerned by showing us in the form of challenge. In hope that we will wake up and choose again.

Now Chris did choose Happiness.

So when he saw it in the faces of others, he noticed. He followed the look of happiness.

Happiness brought him opportunities and he said yes.

Did it flip instantly to prosperity and fulfillment…no. Because he was also still in the realm of limitation that you had to do the A to get the B.

This brought him the experience of being homeless, not only for himself, but for his son.

Being Homeless

Happens to many.

And just as many have an opinion on the subject. Usually those who are filled with arrogance and judgement feel they are so above this ever happening to them.

May misfortune never find them. 

I have been there. 

I have met others who have been there.

In this film, this story, Chris Gardner was there, with his son, not yet five years of age.

He hung on to his happiness. 

He kept going and he made it through.

Be happy for happy to find you.

Focus on what you need and Life will help you to manifest it in ways that move beyond your limitations.

And when you pass someone who is homeless. May you be in the energy of compassion and see them as someone on their way to somewhere, rather than no one going no where.

Send them happiness.


Photos: Pixabay stock photos, Internet stock photos

View: Netflix

Released: December 2006

Inspired by a true story

Director; Gabriele Muccino

Screenplay; Steven Conrad

Based on; The Pursuit of Happyness by; Chris Gardner, Quincy Troupe

Produced by; Will Smith, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, James Lassiter, 

                      Steve Tisch, Devon Franklin


Will Smith; Chris Gardner

Thandiwe Newton; Linda Gardner

Jaden Smith; Christopher Gardner Jr.

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