Before the After

Before the After

Before we get sick, we do know something is amiss.

We’re tired, a little achy, just off.

That’s when you allow for some rest over pushing through.

You reach for some extra vitamin C, take your zinc, the ghastly tasting oil of oregano. I prefer colloidal silver, much more pleasant.

More often than not, we don’t choose the “Before.”

We receive the whisper that something is on the way and we shrug it off, we push it aside. We wait till we are down and out. Full of snot and aching, can’t sleep, no energy. Not wanting to do anything, but lay on the couch and watch Netflix. 

The “After” the whatever has arrived is too late. The “Before” is when you can turn it all around.

The “Before” works when you listen and you choose to do. It requires a pause, a slowing down and acting on the whisper. When your body is screaming because you made a different choice, well, it’s time to be honest with yourself that you knew, but you ignored.

I enjoy tulips.

A friend was visiting and shared that if you took a pin and put a hole through the stem just below the bud it would revive the drooping tulip.

I gave it a try.

The tulips that had already drooped, did not spring back.

The tulips that were beginning to droop, revived.

I choose to treat myself as a tulip. 

When I start to droop, I act.

Because I’d rather watch Netflix sitting upright than moaning, “Someone please save me from this misery.”

The “Before,” can turn it around.

The “After,” well, it’s just moaning. 

And then there’s the whining, oh my.


Photo by; Sharon Cooke

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