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Stories from an ordinary life; seen through extraordinary eyes.

Cooke’s Notes is thirty years of experience and observations, some from where I have been, many from where I am now.

Stories, anecdotes, tips, techniques and views; from everyday experiences that illustrate metaphysical concepts. May they assist you in getting what you read off the page and into your life. Taking something you know and transforming it into something you live.

“I’m not going to tell the story the way it happened,
I’m going to tell it the way I remember it.”

Fin Bell in the film adaptation of Great Expectations

I Bought A Bike

I Bought A Bike

Covid 19 arrived and we all went home.

Each morning I decided to walk, like so many others. To get out, breathe, move.

Those on their bikes sparked something in me. A memory of bike riding some thirty years ago.

I decided to buy a bike.

I had some specifics, I wanted to meet. Price, style, to come assembled, warranty and servicing.

I found a sky blue, cruiser style bike, that met what I needed.The stats listed that the age for riding this design was up to ninety years of age! I was good to go. 

After my first ride the handle bars and seat were exceptionally loose. Back I went to the store. The inner workings of the handlebars were defective. The bike was returned and arrangements were made for me to pick up a replacement at another location. 

I picked up the second bike, got home and again the seat became loose immediately, and there were a few scratches (on a bike that had just been assembled). 

Back I go again.

But just before I ventured back to the store, I sat down.

“What is going on here?” 

I found the bike I wanted, at a discount, assembled with warranty and servicing.


Then I began to contradict and resist what I had manifested. 

Which brought me problems, that went with feelings of undeserving. 

I felt judgement. No – that’s not correct.

I decided to judge myself, as if others were judging me.

It goes like this. “A bike? Is that really something you should be spending your money on?”

I stopped and realigned to deserving my choice.

I set out in the early morn and I bike for an hour. It is heavenly! I feel free. I’m out biking on paved city trails and through the park. 

No hills or traffic – lets not get ridiculous. Remember it has been thirty years.

In the film, “The Love Letter,” which takes place in a fictional New England town Loblolly By The Sea, Helen, the owner of the village bookstore does her morning run along the beach and through the town. The local historian, Miss Scattergoods rides her bike while smoking. Love it! Not the smoking, but her character, has a moxie, ‘I am who I am,’ kind of style.

This is me. Each morning I ride my route bidding good day, to each person I pass. A “Morning Ambassador.” I am in my own Loblolly.

I am happy and I am free.

I set my intention to be present, enjoying this opportunity.

Now, as others pass me by and I pass by them amidst the “Good Mornings” I receive, “That’s a beautiful bike.”

I deserve this bike and it’s flaws that give it character. Did I mention the seat squeaks, which will save me money, because it’s loud enough that I won’t need to purchase a bell.

Bonus, it matches perfectly with the decor of my home.

Only ‘blue sky thinking’ while riding a sky blue bike.

Deserving every minute!


Photos by; Sharon Cooke, Pexels Stock Photo; Woman on Bike by; Bianca Goncaves

Notes; The Love Letter, May 21, 1999

             Director, Peter Chan; Produced by, Kate Capshaw, Sarah Pillsbury, Midge Sanford

             Screenplay, Maria Maggenti; Based on The Love Lettery by, Cathleen Schine