How is Your Radiating Metre?

How is Your Radiating Metre?

Universal Law;

What you radiate, you attract.

What you give, you receive.

In the course of your day; do you ever stop and give attention to what you are radiating?

What have you been thinking?

What have you been saying?

How have you been behaving?

Our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, words, attitudes, actions.

All energy. 

They do not remain within us. They radiate out into the ethers, the world, our world, our reality and then, as energy, the corresponding vibration returns to us.

Your brain, does not stop and sift. 

It does not pause and say to Life; 

“Don’t pay attention to them, they’re just caught up in their past and the wounds of yesterday.”

“Someone just hurt them; they’re just venting.”

“They’ve been drinking, they don’t know what they’re saying.”

“They’re frightened, this is just fear. Don’t give them any mind.”

“This is just ego, they don’t really mean it.”

Your brain in your head is not that smart.

It does not know the difference between your fact and your fiction. 

It hears your thoughts, feelings, words and to it – it is ALL truth.

So out it goes, into the world and back it comes into your reality.

And you go – “WHAT?” 

“I don’t deserve this!”

But, you chose it.

Life does not randomly, shit on you.

It’s far too busy for random happenings. You’re not the only “people” on the planet.

So – just saying, you might want to add this into your daily regime.

Right along side of teeth brushing, showers and vitamins.

Check in with your radiating metre. What are you radiating? 

How far does that metre reach out into the ethers?


It goes wherever it needs to go, to find that like energy. 

A force to be reckoned with.

And if it is not what you want to have land in your lap, your day to day happenings, in short – your reality. You might want to take a moment and pause. Do a quick edit and start back out again.

It has been said that what returns, can return ten fold. Meaning ten times more than what you sent out. OUCH!!

Hope this has provided some motivation to check your Radiating Metre and readjust where needed.

Remember, Universal Law, like Mother Nature – not to be messed with.

And that Brain of yours; take care with it.

A little hint.

Listen to the Heart. It’s about truth.

It’s the real brains in your system.

It will tell you what’s up. But only it you’re up for it. 

What you radiate, you will attract.

So let’s make it good.

Photos by;  Man winking/squinting, Unsplash, Ayo Ogunseinda, Woman squinting Pexels, Katie E. 

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