How to Begin Meditating – The Safe Place Meditation

How to Begin Meditating – The Safe Place Meditation


In 2012, I wrote, “Now Go Find Your Greenhouse” and included the Safe Place Meditation. It’s a favourite of mine, I’ve shared many times.

This month, I’d like to look at the basics: How to Begin Meditating.

In July after sitting in meditation at a Buddhist Temple, I found myself with some members of the group sharing their experience.

We had been guided through a more traditional style, where the instruction was to follow your breath and every time your thoughts strayed, to return to focusing on your breath. Sounds simple.
However, many find it difficult and give up, because it sounds simple and they are failing at it.

Following your breath, may be enlightening, but it can be boring.

We live in a world of colour, textures, smells, sounds. So when some members in my group told me that meditation was relatively new to them and they weren’t sure they got anything out of the instruction, I suggested they give the Safe Place Meditation a try.

Meditation is the opportunity to allow action to give way to rest, where you rejuvenate, recharge and receive. Rather than tuning out – you tune in to you. A time to relax, but also a time to receive information in the form of guidance and answers.

Begin all meditations with a prayer of intention. Set the standard. Make the choice to be in and of the light only and to receive your information at a pace that you can handle.

The light of God surrounds me
The love of God enfolds me The power of God protects me                               050
The presence of God watches over me
Wherever I am, God is.

I am Divinely guided and protected
I receive in and of the Light only
I receive only what I need at this time.

(You can substitute God for Life or whatever resonates with you)

Choose your Safe Place to be somewhere in nature, where you can feel calm, quiet and safe. It can be a place you know, one you’d like to experience or your own creation. The idea is to allow your senses to come alive.

This is where you will come to receive, release, relax, rejuvenate.
Once you have chosen your safe place – decide how you arrive there. Do you walk, drive, fly – do you open a gate, a door, pass through an archway, are you beamed down or perhaps you enter through a large knot in the trunk of a tree.

Consistency is key. Each time you enter the same way and when you leave, you have an exit that is different from your entrance. For instance if it is at a beach, you enter over a sand dune and upon exiting, you walk down the beach and leave over another sand dune. This symbolizes the beginning of the meditation and the ending. Consistency allows for the energy to know that you are meditating. It can then be of assistance in sending you information, direction, solutions, a fresh perspective or healing.

Once you have arrived, allow your senses to take in your surroundings. What do you see, smell, hear, touch. Take it all in – breathe it all in. Every time you visit there will be more and more to notice – to be aware of. While you are there if your mind wanders back to your life of tasks to complete, worries, concerns – stop and come back to your place and pick up where you left off. Back to how the sand feels under your feet, the smell of the salt air, the breeze blowing through your hair.

Begin with five minutes and increase each time. Starting with committing to a brief period of time keeps you from sabotaging your efforts. You take the first step, be open to possibilities and Life will help you. Do your part and Life will be there for you. The phone won’t ring, the dogs won’t bark, no one will need you, the uninterrupted time required will present itself.

Sit while meditating. Have your feet on the floor for grounding, palms of your hands open for receiving, eyes closed. Lying down for many means dozing off and the crossing of yours arms is a way to shut out what you are saying you would like to attract.

At the end of your meditation, give thanks.                                              How to Begin Meditating

Have a notebook handy to jot down what you have received.

There are times though where the visit to your safe place will simply be to relax, to slow your energy down. There will be times where it may be for downloading – letting all the thoughts run through you and out of you.

Allow for Life to assist, to direct you in what you need at this time.

I’ve been asked for a How to Begin Meditating and by many people. It’s all about taking a leap and getting started.

Find your safe place. It may change over time.

You may find that you begin with the usual format of walking over the sand dune toward the beach and all of a sudden you look around and you are in a garden and to your right is a bench for you to sit on. Don’t fight it. This can be a way of symbolizing that you are moving into a new phase of growth and are ready for Life to present you with information, or a new challenge. Let it be and enjoy.

Prayer: Unity Church, Prayer of Protection written by; James Dillet Freeman, during World War II

Photos: Sharon Cooke

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