Mother Energy

Mother Energy

Mother vibrates to the energy of 27/9

A vibration that is one of power and courage, with a whisper of enchantment. It is an energy of authority. 

There is the promise of reward from being productive in work, intellect and imagination.

But for all this to come together one must hold true their ideas and plans. One is not to be intimidated or influenced by the opinions of others. Or to be manipulated by opposition.

It is a vibration of reward.

It also holds the energy of a quick mind, sometimes too quick, so thought is required. 

Ability to get to the heart of a matter.

Benevolent, but at times can be too generous. Not always taken seriously or respected, causing one to be pushed to a point of coming out like a raging lioness! Their courageous spirit will then be heard.

Determined, direct. Tend to trust, therefore deviousness can catch them off guard.

The energy wants to be loved, as there is love to give. Unsure due to fear of rejection, there is the tendency to overdue, to give and give and give. Not giving up and yet it is the vibration of completion as there will come a time to let go, to release and be.

Dear Mother’s,

Have your plan, your design and know that it will change and shift and you’ll return to decide and recreate again and again, but from the viewpoint of what is in your heart and not what someone else may attempt to dictate.

Know what your intention is for you and for your children.

Trust you are powerful and courageous. Bask in your beauty and trust in your magic. Believe in your mind and ability to draw in solutions and answers and receive the guidance that is right for you.

Remember you.

So your children will know you, as they will need to come to know themselves.

Regard and respect you. Give to you all you are so willing to give to others, so the children will reflect back to you and not away from you.

Do not fear your fierceness to protect, but be secure enough not to smother.

This choice of being a Mother, is not meant to be a burden. If your shoulders become weighted down and your head aches and you are weary. Stop and ask where you are overdoing and creating imbalance.

Take the lead, which means you are not at the bottom of the list. You are important and therefore rather than wait to be recognized, look in the mirror and declare this.

Love you, so that when the time of letting go arrives, they will go in love and you will have enough left over for you.

Enjoy this choice as it comes with reward.

When my children were young, to keep them, I had to fight for them, hard and long and not give up. When the fight was over and the time came to trust we were safe, I chose a plan for them.

To be healthy, happy, to think for themselves, to understand the freedom of choice. To be a good person.

I came to learn that this was not something I could give them. It was something they had to choose for themselves. To create for themselves.

It took a great deal of doing and trying and giving, to come to terms with why I always seem to come up short. Why it never seemed to be enough.

The secret to the plan being successful was to create this plan for myself.

May you all simply be the best women you can be.

Honour yourselves. Love yourselves. 

This energy will go out and your children can then go forward and choose.

This has been a better plan.

Mother; an energy of great good fortune.

When we remember ourselves.



Numerology; Chaldean – Hebrew Kabala Alphabet

Photos by; Unsplash; Mom biking with kids; Mark Stosberg, Mom on bench with kids, Benjamin Manley, Mother with child on back, Annie Spratt, Pexels; Mom and daughter dancers, Badgeron Bach, Mom sitting with children, Alvaro Matzumura, Mom at laptop, daughter with blocks, Tatiana Syrikova, Mom at laptop with son on floor writing, Gabby K.


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