No Room for Holes

No Room for Holes

“When you wish for something you are announcing to the Universe that there is a hole in you that needs to be filled. And the more wishes that you make, the more holes you open up.

There was a time in my life when I was so full of holes. I wished for a lot of things.

So this is what I did. 

I stopped wishing and I started saying thank you for what I already had.

I started with the big things, my friends, my family, my hair.

And there were also little things, like a smile from a stranger, a strong cup of coffee, not hitting one red light on my home.

Pretty soon I was so full of gratitude, there wasn’t any room for holes. I crowded them all out.

I don’t make birthday wishes.
I want what I got. ”                          

From the Film; All I Wish

Director; Susan Walter

Photos: Internet Stock

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