Numerology: Energy of The “1”

Numerology: Energy of The “1”

“1” Energy is all about beginnings, the new, fresh starts. It’s a pioneering energy, an energy that is about initiating, launching, leading. The “1” is about being courageous, to muster your strength, take a deep breath and forge forward. Make a decision and act on it.

2017 is a “1” year. October is a “1” month.

It’s important to take note that “1” comes after “9” which is the energy of completion, letting go – what may have served us at one time, but will no longer. We’ve outgrown, we’ve grown up. When you hang on to what no longer works or what you can no longer plead ignorance to, it tends to go badly. The going badly is to push you into letting go, and getting on with it.

Look at what is happening around us. Racism, Prejudices, Residential Schools, The 60’s Scoop, Climate Change, Sex Trafficking, War. We can no longer pretend it didn’t happen, it isn’t happening, that we don’t know.

The energy escalates to tell us we must stop and start anew. Treat each other better, respect, take care of. That we are equal, to respect each other and our planet and embrace peace. Old out dated attitudes, beliefs, no longer fit and cannot be forced to fit and work.

On a more personal note – “1” energy has always asked me to be in the present, where I am now, where I have grown to be. It asks me not to collapse into the past and repeat patterns that no longer serve me well.

It also asks me to step up and make connections, initiate ideas, attend to things that are awkward or challenging.

When you have “1” energy you possess the strength to lead, to excel. You enjoy new ideas, concepts. If you live a life where you have to follow someone else’s lead or where someone decides they have to make the plans and their ideas are always the best, where you are to dutifully agree, you may find life just a tad miserable. When we stifle our strengths so others feel better about themselves it can be agonizing. The pain you bring to your life is to tell you you are out of harmony with you.

“111” showing up asks me to take stock of where I am at that moment. Am I squashing myself, am I allowing myself to be held back by my past, am I present? I realign and back out I go again.

Knowing the energies in your chart – gives you the information to live in greater harmony with you.


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