Numerology: The Energy of The “4”

Numerology: The Energy of The “4”

We left off ages ago with the “3,” the social, creative energy – obviously having too much of a good time.

So roll up your sleeves and muster up some gumption because the “4” energy does more than ask this of you, it demands it! However, when you get up and affirm you have the energy you need, the “4” never lets you down.

This is the work energy. The builder and a good builder starts with a firm foundation. When the cracks appear, you fix them – you do not hide them. When the weeds appear in a garden, you pull them out by the roots. And when they get a little ahead of you, you don’t go crazy and pull out the flowers along with them in a fit of, “I don’t care.” You remember, you do care, you own your mess, you take a deep breath and you pull out the weeds and the weeds only.

A building energy that is all about the process. An idea, a plan  and then the process of where it manifests into your reality. One step at a time. The journey that you are to engage in, be conscious of. The ride where you take in the scenery along the way, so then when you reach the destination, you know how you got there.

Once upon a time, I had gardens and I’d get out there like a crazy person till I had them pristine. I’d look back and marvel at my accomplishment and then walk away, with a sense that I was done with this. Two weeks later those damn weeds were back. It’s right up there with laundry and toilets – it’s not a one time task. It’s ongoing. And that’s when you come to the realization you should have remembered to include an assistant in your vision.

The “4” is the genius, connected to it’s bliss, its purpose. The imagination is active. A vibration that moves outside the box and therefore cannot be confined and molded into someone else’s design. It’s not into following the rules of another, it tends to like its own rules. An advocate of change, unless it is about personal change and then, well, maybe not.

Can be a tad stubborn, but stubbornness is not necessarily about getting you own way. It can also be about getting into, “I can make it work,” when there are times life is asking you to let go and surrender as you are clearly in the wrong place or with the wrong person and you are to gather yourself up and move along.

The “4” is an energy that can mix and mingle with all different types of beings and will have friends from varied backgrounds. It is willing to be respectful, allowing others to be who they are, but expects the same in return.

This energy is not caught up in materialism, class distinction or one to go for the popular vote of trying to impress. 

The intuitive energy of the “4” lies in prophecy, the ability to know what lies ahead. A whisper, a message of what is on it’s way.

A vibration that will not support the attitude of it “can’t be done”. Nothing is impossible, all is possible to the “4.”

“444”  speaks to a sense of completion. All is in order. Trust that all is in a good place. Like a painting, a
presentation, a piece of writing, that at some point you have to say to yourself – enough! This is good, I’m done.

You put down the brush, no more editing and allow yourself to be pleased. And you breathe.


Photos: Sharon Cooke

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