Permission To Stop Resisting

Permission To Stop Resisting

Before heading out the door to begin my day or remaining inside at my desk – the start of my day, often begins with the drawing of a card.

One of my regular card decks are Permission Cards. Short and sweet and to the point. Sometimes, too much so.

I shuffle, I ask for direction, I cut the deck with my left hand, I turn the card over, and…

In my angelic, high energy, spiritually evolved voice – I hear myself…

“GRRRRRR, (remember, I growl now) Are You Kidding Me?! For God Sakes, NOT AGAIN!!!!”

My card reads;

“Today I give myself
Permission to…

Do you know how many times I’ve drawn this card? From my response, you can safely assume, too many.

I had truly begun to tick myself off. So I told myself, “Sharon, you need to deal with this and swort this out.

I photo copy the darling card and position it under my see-through desk pad so it can smile at me constantly while I discover why it is in my face so often.

I consider myself a fairly positive person. However, there appears to be a fly in the ointment.

I affirm, visualize, write out my intentions and all that I am grateful for. I smile, I laugh, if I could whistle, I’d whistle a happy tune. Seriously. I encourage, I share happy stories. There are days I’m a goddamn Hallmark card!!

And yet this lovely message of Divine Guidance plagues me and drives me into fits of immature foot stomping.

However, I did decide to tap into my higher more mature side of my being, take a deep breath and assure myself I was up for this challenge of facing the truth of this matter.

I RESIST. Okay, it’s out there.

IMG_0383I chose to seek out a voice that would speak to me and I would listen. I didn’t hear any thing I didn’t know. But, to know and not to use, is not to know.

I chose Esther Hicks who channels Abraham and her Youtube video from 2017, “Stop Yourself From Resisting.”

I know, I could include a link for you, but if you truly want to progress, you can do your own Googleling – I mean really, all this linking for everyone is just another form of spoon feeding.

I like Esther, my kind of spirit. She is blunt, forthright, good sense of humour, wise and intelligent and she repeats herself – indicating that sometimes we need to hear the same message over and over till we truly get it.

What I have had to come to terms with is that I tend to resist my goodness, my success, my ability to flourish.

Yes, I do.

I worry, I fret, I allow myself to create fictitious mishaps, I entertain negative chatter in my head. I look in the mirror and go, “Oh my God – Oh my Goddess, what the hell happened?” I tell myself, I will eat less sugar tomorrow and I will make time for that life altering walk tomorrow. I mean Annie and Scarlet O’Hara felt that tomorrow was their friend. But now I know more, I believe that Annie and Scarlet O’Hara were comrade Resisters. None the less, this is all classic Resistance.Permission to Stop Resisting

What I have learned from Esther is that when you send out a vibration of positive possibilities you must maintain it. Otherwise you slow down the momentum and you get in the way of what you wish to attract.

She says that you need to be a ‘Deliberate Creator’. Therefore, we need to be conscious at all times, aware of our thoughts, our words, our actions. Are they in harmony with the vibration we have chosen to attract?

So fellow Resisters, as I know I’m not the only one, may we all embrace the, ‘Path of Least Resistance,’ allow ourselves to flourish, support the momentum of our desires, Google Esther. And may we start Today!

“Swort” – from the english vocabulary of a fellow volunteer, Carmen. Means to sort it out while you swear yourself through it. Hence, the birth of ‘Swort.’ Swear + Sort = Swort.

Photos: Permission Deck
Sharon Cooke of Strange Fruit Performers Melbourne Australia at
Centre In The Square Kitchener, Ontario 2014

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