Take A Moment With Your Soul

Take A Moment With Your Soul

“Do you want to walk or stroll?” 

You see the pace is different, the intention is different.

On a trail recently, I asked myself, “Sharon, are you here to raise your heart beat or connect with your heart?”

I answered me with, “I feel I want to nourish my Soul.”

Life agreed with, “Good choice.” And, “Much needed.”

Off I went, slower, breathing deeper, quieter.

And to support my choice, Life sent me various illustrations of soul moments.

A man with a Hobbit nature goes breezing by me, carrying his shoes, allowing his feet, his soul, to connect to the earth.

In amongst the trees two tent pods, housed by souls meditating in receiving mode.

A woman sitting on the trunk of a fallen tree, sketch pad in hand channeling her creativity.

Another being cross legged by a brook, shoes and socks off and by her side.

Here I find myself, taking it in, allowing myself to feel life. No questions, no sorting things out, no looking for answers or striving for clarity. No inner dialogue. Simply, being in the being. 

A stillness that asks nothing and gives nothing. A just “be here” moment.

Times when you cannot get out into nature, sit by a window and be with the weather of the day.

A dear friend blessed me with a bird feeder. My feathered friends take me to the place where my soul resides and I instantly know, all is right with the world.

There are times I hold the crystal Healerite to my Heart. Another gift from an all knowing friend.

No agenda. You with your soul. Your soul remembers, your soul holds your power, your beauty, your love, your peace.

Remember there is always time for you.

Take a moment, to be in the moment with your soul.


Netflix; Moving Art by; Louie Schwartzberg. Will bring you to this place. The soul place.

Photos by; Sharon Cooke

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