The Body Speaks, But Does It Have Your Attention?

The Body Speaks, But Does It Have Your Attention?

Social Distancing

Brought us inside

Not to keep us from each other

Perhaps to bring us back in touch with ourselves,

Where we cannot get away from what we need to get close to.

What we need to face.

This is how it works.

We are a system of various levels. Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical.

Now when your system is out of balance, you don’t feel well. You are finding Life a tad too challenging. Something needs addressing.  

Your higher self, the Spiritual, sends you a whisper, a nudge — prompting you to do something, pay attention, attend to what has gone amiss and right yourself.

But, we brush it off like a pesky fly. And even when that fly returns over and over again, we look for something to kill it with and then feel very satisfied when we do. 

That’s how we treat our Spiritual energy more often than not.

But the system prevails.

This time through our Emotional level. 

Now we feel something.

But we shrug it off. Ignore it. Stuff it down. Hide it somewhere. Somewhere, where we hope we will forget about it.

But the system returns with, “Damn you, I’m not giving up!”

And it comes at you through your Mental level.

You think it. Your intellect attempts to connect to you.

Here, you try to convince yourself.

You tell yourself, “It will be okay, I can handle it, weather through, be strong.”

When you want to cry, there is always that adult in your head, “Just walk it off.” “Get up, get dressed and you’ll feel better.”

Once again, you dismiss, you ignore. Too busy, maybe tomorrow. Not now. I’ll be okay.

I call bullshit!

Not me, per se. 

The Physical level is now kicking in and kick some butt it will. 

Remember, the Spirit was willing to whisper to you sweetly, lovingly, gently.

But you were not interested. Your attention was elsewhere.

Running through life, too busy doing whatever.

By the time the Physical is called on – Your System, Your Being, Your Body, is screaming at you and all out of patience. 

Hence, the physical symptom.

Covid 19 is such a scream.  Has it got your attention?

You see all our levels are connected. Every Emotion has a Physical connection.

Every Physical symptom, has an Emotional source. Begins with the Spiritual and invites in the Mental.

When the source of an issue is unattended, an imbalance occurs and eventually manifests into a Physical symptom.

Covid 19 brings several symptoms. 

Let’s take a look at a few that got the ball rolling.

Lungs, Breathing

The ability to take in Life.

The fear of taking in Life. Not feeling worthy of living Life fully.

We fill our lives up. With what?

Our truth or what we convince ourselves is what we should be doing. What we tell ourselves will make others happy. We often lie to ourselves that this will bring us love.


Anger, burning up, stored resentments.

Caught in the past. Resistant to the process of Life.

Worry, hurry.


Resistance, boredom, lack of love for what one does.

Lost purpose, no energy to pursue or support.

Okay here’s a smidgen of information on the emotions connected to these physical symptoms and how they are attempting to communicate to us.

Ask yourself.

How do you fill your Life?

Do you resent it?

Are you stuck somewhere? Dragging the past, your baggage along wherever you attempt to take yourself, thinking it won’t mess with your present and road block your future. 

Are you exhausted?

Trying to force yourself to live a life that isn’t what you want?

Even if you haven’t experienced the symptoms of Covid 19. This is a global event. The message is for all of us.

Will you listen? And when you hear, will you do something?

Or will you just take this Pause and when Play is given, will you Rewind to where you left off?

Or will you use the Pause to rewrite, so that when Play is announced you have chosen Forward over Rewind.

If we could take the Pause and give a moment to acquaint ourselves with the ALL of ourselves;





Respect it, honour it, love it. Trust that we are all worthy and deserving of living life authentically, learning from our past where it takes us forward, our systems would support us with the energy to live well, happy, whole and complete.

On May 5th, CBC The National,

A man said to his wife, who was passing from Covid 19.

“Take a deep breath and know you are loved.”

Take a deep breath,

know you are love, 

Deserving of living the life you want to live,

Were meant to live. 

Live True, Live Fully.

Give it your attention.


Photos: Pexels Stock, Artist; Polina Zimmerman 

               Unsplash Stock, Neon Sign Breathe, Tim Goedhart

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