The Energy of 2018

The Energy of 2018

First, the math.

The Universal Energy of 2018 is an “11/2”
The equation is 2+0+1+8 = 11/2

2017 was the Universal Energy of “10/1”

2017 meant the beginning of a whole new cycle. In short new beginnings, fresh energy, new plans. New seeds that get planted and are then tended to for the next eight years to bring them to fruition and harvest.

Therefore 2016 was a “9” Universal Year, the ending of the cycle. Endings are about coming to terms with what we have learned and hopefully, where we have grown to. Keeping what works and releasing what doesn’t, but more appropriately; what we have outgrown. What has brought us to now, but will take us no further.

Now humans are not ones to always change gracefully as we tend to have the reputation for not letting go of the past easily.

In 2016 much of what was outmoded, no longer acceptable, immature, inhumane, lacking in truth and equality was brought to the surface, but perhaps not truly taken seriously.

2017 arrives and because we are dragging our heals and still thinking about what no longer fits, that perhaps we can just make due for now and get around to it all eventually. The shit hits the fan and Life says No!

This has got to go. The time has come and go it must.

Everything starts to come out of the woodwork and into our lives and we are forced,  we are no longer being asked, we are forced to face.

Indigenous Injustices – Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Residential Schools,
The 60’s Scoop
Refugees – Are we not are all immigrants?
Monuments coming down that misrepresent history or glorify actions we can no longer revere.
“Taking a Knee” – Black Lives Matter
Police Brutality
LGBTQ+ – Gender Equality
Sexual Misconduct – “Me Too”
Terrorism – Mass shootings, War – At home and abroad.
Nuclear Weapons
Weather – Global Warming
Opioids – Fentanyl – The Drug Crisis
Education for All

And more…

Public Apologies took place, to acknowledge that much has happened that needs to be recognized. That we are sorry and now know better. That actions of abuse, neglect, ignorance and laziness are not to be repeated.    The Energy of 2018

2017 Screamed at us, as to what we must let go of, where we need to go and what we need to do.

That we must confront our darkness.

2017 Pushed us to exercise Choice that is of benefit to all. To make conscious choices, to realize who our choices effect and are they ones that are the best for all concerned? We need to be clear. If we truly want a better world are we prepared to choose to be a better human?

2018 the “11/2” Energy – the two “1’s” with the space between them, are the illusion of a dividing force. A Master Energy that connects us to the Divine, our Inner Self’s, our Truth. Oneness without Separation.

The “2” is an Energy that can come together as a team, pay attention to details and not cut corners. It will study and learn as to how to do it now and have the courage to learn and be current with the times that are upon us.

2018 is a time where agreements can be reached, discussions that take us forward into action, rebuilding begins.

In 2018 may we connect to the Divine, may we embrace our Truth. May we be patient with the seeds that have been planted and allow them to take root and grow.  images

In 2018 may we acknowledge;

We are more alike than we are different.
And that we all hold the same desire for ourselves and each other,
To embrace our authenticity
To love and be loved
To fulfill our potential
To be free
To live in peace.

images-4Happy New Year. Be in the Energy that is upon us and not in the one that has left us.

“We must confront our darkness”
Stephen Marche, Author and Columnist, Esquire
CBC The National, December 31, 2017

Photos; Internet Stock Photos

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