The Energy of 2019

The Energy of 2019

The Energy of 2019

The Universal Energy of 2019 is a “12/3”

The equation is 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12/3

You may want to  revisit  “The Energy of 2018” that I posted on January 1, 2018.

Yes, I’m a tad late this year. The “3” energy of the year is in me, having fun, enjoying spontaneous adventures!

Let’s begin.

This is considered a lighter energy where life is meant to be enjoyed. A time when there is a desire to experience pleasure.

“3” energy is a positive and optimistic energy. It is highly creative, where the focus can be on the arts, theatre and entertainment of all kinds. 

A social energy. Time to join in. Be out and about. Any wall that separates us from connecting and learning of each other and from each other is not conducive to this time.

Pay attention to what you find entertaining. Is it what lifts you up and inspires you to create and express your truth? Or is it found in the tirades of late night tweets that is nothing but negative garbage and distraction?

It’s a time to say yes to taking part and joining in. In January, CBC brought attention to loneliness. I mentioned that the year is a social energy, but before you think the answer lies in having friends and enjoying the company of others. Can you enjoy your own company? Do you enjoy you? Look in the mirror and make friends with you. When you invite someone to take in a lecture or a movie and they can’t make it – don’t cancel on YOU. Go out with YOU.

Then look around, what can you join to experience the company and connection of others. There is so much choice. You simply cannot say that there isn’t anything out there and if you can’t find your buzz, form your own group and go from there. Push yourself. 

My Mom, Nora Ann, would say to me, “When people invite you, if you always say no, eventually they stop asking.” Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and say, “Yes.” One word, three letters, you can do it.

However, this energy can pull people in many directions, scattering the energy, where people loose focus. Everything catches their eye and you fall into the trap of thinking we are all entitled to everything. Too easy to become inundated with emails enticing you to enjoy, don’t loose out on points and the sales. When is there not a sale, I ask you!? Be discerning, pace yourself. Do not be manipulated into thinning out your energy into overextending and overwhelm to the point of unmanageable debt and burnout. 

Have fun , but not too much fun.

This is a time to stop leaving it all up to Ellen and her motto of, “Be kind to each other.” A once a year day of, “Spontaneous Acts of Kindness” and benches in schools, that once a student sits on them it indicates they could use a friend.

For goodness sakes it’s 2019. Can we not just be good to each other without being prompted? Release the lie and embrace the truth that we are a kind and caring being.

CBC Jan. 11, 2019 did a piece on the Spice Girls and the Back Street Boys, groups from the 90’s are embarking on comeback tours. The music is lighter. A person on the segment was quoted saying that it is, “Less melancholy and more bliss.” 

Now 2019 adds up to a “12” before it is reduced to a “3”, therefore, there is some additional information I can share with you. The “12” energy asks when Life appears stuck, that the problem is just too big to even consider a solution so just don’t think about it, but most of us do and we talk about it. Therefore, in effect we contribute to the problem. Say for a change we stepped back and contributed to a solution presenting itself. Wouldn’t it be amazing to join forces in a dynamic energy that truly allowed for the good to manifest.

It is also the energy that supports the theory, “That when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Again align that somehow, somewhere wisdom will prevail and the one with what we need will present themselves. 

iPhone X Color Flood is being promoted with a song by Cosmo Sheldrake, titled, “Come Along.”

I shall leave you with this video. Keep it light, keep it fun, keep it positive. Contribute to creativity and happiness, in spite of all that may surround you. Align to the solution. The truth is  that we are innately good for we are light and love. Very simple. Embrace the truth, smile and release the bullshit distractions!

Enjoy 2019.

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Photo: “Muse” Sharon Cooke


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