Numerology: The Energy of The “3”

Numerology: The Energy of The “3”

“2” Energy, posted November 20, 2017, was about timing, the new word for patience, as we all know, no one can handle anymore – so sad. It was also about details, studying, working as part of the team.

Now the Energy of the “3” is the social vibration. An energy where sometimes you have to push yourself to say yes when invited to experience. However, those who say, “Yes” all the time to the point of overwhelm, it may be for you to say, “No.” Every energy will present you will the opportunity to balance. With the “3” it is between being too much of a recluse and too much of a social butterfly.

I went through a time of being very withdrawn. Nora Ann, my mom, would say, “If you always say no, they’ll stop inviting you.” I took a deep breath and began to say yes. Now there are times when my calendar fills and I need to give myself some down time and decline a few invitations. Listen to yourself and you’ll begin to feel where you are at. Too cooped up or spreading yourself too thin.

“3” is optimistic. This energy asks you to find your sense of humour and see the lighter side of life.  images

Freedom is a must, the “3” does not do well feeling obligated or being restrained. Education that takes one forward is important. Very creative, a lover of music art, nature. This vibration needs to be active, which doesn’t mean having a continual “to do” list. It means being physical, actual exercise that the body truly enjoys. All of this is a tonic to the soul. So breathe, live and be true.

Remember, an optimistic energy. The best way to release the blues, defuse depression is to open your door and get outside and walk!

Dreams, goals, ambitions can be ones of merit or can be silly. One can fall into the realm of fantasy, where there is no true expectation of fulfillment. So have fun and day dream, but not to the point where what you visualize is merely glass slippers and a kiss that wakes you up to no where. Dream into action that results in manifestation.

Speak the truth. The “3” values honesty and is not into vagueness or evasive beings who cannot be up front. Beliefs are strong. Faith in what resonates to you.

Travel for the “3” can be purely the vacation mode of lying on the beach at an all inclusive. But the idealist side loves getting to know the people, their culture, philosophies…

The “3” does best to carry out their plans on days that vibrate to the “3” i.e. the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th.

“333” is all about lifting yourself up into the realm of magic. Getting out of the physical, out of yourself and handing it over to higher energies. The magic – where you have no idea how it happens, just that it will. What you desire will go out into the cosmos and life will align and you will get to be amazed. It’s all about the Abracadabra!


Photos by; Sharon Cooke and Internet Stock Photos

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