How to Create; Your Sanctuary

How to Create; Your Sanctuary

I love my abode.
I sit in the early morn and scan my space, buddhas, Tibetan monks, stones, crystals, keepsakes, my hand at creativity, family photos, colour. On sunny days, as the light makes it’s way through the frosted glass of my front door a cascade of rainbows dance on the ceiling and walls.

This is my space. This is where I breathe, I am a peace, I sit and relax in joy.
This is my sanctuary, my safe haven. A place where I pray and meditate. My place where I share in good conversation and great laughter and from time to time tears of release.

Not everyone can give this energy to their entire domain, as you may be sharing your space with someone and some of you may have many someone’s. So find a nook that is yours, that is sacred with the intention of quiet, and positive energy, where you can be and tap in to what you need and breathe. You can create an alter with items that are special and meaningful to you. Lighting a candle and playing music while you sit in your space helps to centre and ground the intention of what this place is for you.

As my home is my sanctuary and my bedroom is where I sleep, I also need a place where I can let go and be very human. As a human we are a gamut of emotions. When I’m working through an issue of challenge, I tend to enjoy a good rant. I truly excel at venting. I let it out – all the nasty, dark stuff so I can “hear” what I’m dealing with.

I go to the bathroom. When I shower, I release what I need to spew and visualize it running off me and down the drain.

I do not ask myself to live in the land of bliss 24/7. This is not me. I honour all the good, the bad and the ugly of myself.

IMG_3448When I slip and trust me I do, I think of Maya Angelou. She felt negativity was alive and could burrow into your home and seep in through your skin to your very being. Therefore, when negativity was spoken in her home, she would stop the conversation and tell the person to, “Take it out of my house!”

With that reminder I stop. I give respect to my home, to my space I call my sanctuary. I can take my rant outside or — there’s always the shower!

Tibetan Monk Art by: Sandra Macovik
Photos by: Sharon Cooke

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