They Didn’t Wait For Me

They Didn’t Wait For Me

Runners on, that don’t run — but they do power walk and I’m out the door. On the way to Rockway Gardens to enjoy the tulips.

I arrive and something is terribly wrong. Where are my Monet pallets of colour? Am I seeing things? All I see are overturned beds of earth. Dark, clumps of earth. Dirt, just dirt.

How did this happen? Spring took forever to arrive and then ‘poof’ it’s gone. I’m thinking the gardeners must have just pushed through the season, it’s not right, that they didn’t wait for me. The tulips, they didn’t wait for me.

Once home, still sure that I’d been robbed of my tulip moment, I pull up last years tulip photos. There they are under the date, May 18th. Today is May 28th. Ten days. I’m ten days late. 

That night I walked along the street and breathed in the heady fragrance of lilacs and lily of the valley and looked up to the near full moon. This I wouldn’t miss.

So many moments we want to experience, but it falls into the category of; ‘I’ll do it later.’ Sometimes later is too late. We miss the moment.

I sit with this and mullonder. A mull and ponder, hence mullonder.

I ask my daughter, Holly to take in the film, The Book Club and she’s working. “You go ahead Mom,” she tells me. Then I get a phone call and the kids have a ball game that night and she’s working. I ditch the movie for baseball and then another call comes in. “I’m done early now, all is well, you can see the movie.” At first, I’m going with the, it’s too last minute, I’ll go another day. Then I think of those damn tulips that didn’t wait for me and I grab my car keys and seize the moment.

I’m in the line for my ticket and a lady behind me has change raining from her wallet. It’s all dimes – just dimes. Dimes – 10 cents. Now just  hang on to this for a moment. Oh and remember those tulips – I missed them by 10 days. I know! Hmmmm?

The movie is great. On my own and laughing out loud! I’ve come a long way. Freedom to go and do as I please. The pleasure of my own company and the fun of hearing myself laugh out loud with total abandonment from the concern of what someone will think, or being told by a companion to keep it down. This is truly when you have to love being      aware of your own growth.

“10” is the energy of Choice. It’s very firm and clear. Make a choice. Yes or No. In or Out. No waffling, no being wishy washy. Strong and to the point, make a choice and you will attract what you chose. A very “Shit or get off the pot,” energy. 

I drove past the tulips several times, thinking, “I need to take a walk there.” When I did, it was too late. 10 days too late. I made a choice to put it off.

Then I’m in line for the movie with the lady raining dimes. Again I made a choice and I grabbed the moment. I didn’t put it off.

Tulips in the Victorian language of flowers symbolizes the declaration of love.

Take the message from the tulips and the energy of the dimes and choose to give time to what you love.

Moments are blinks in time. They wait for no one, especially those damn tulips!

Photos: Internet Stock and Sharon Cooke

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