Today We Celebrate Our Home; Planet Earth

Today We Celebrate Our Home; Planet Earth

April 22, 2020, 

50 Years of Earth Day. 

The energy of the “22” in Numerology is considered a Master Energy. It is a vibration that is about the greater good, the best for all concerned. 

It also asks us to be awake, aware and not to become lazy and complacent. When we turn a blind eye, take the attitude that it doesn’t matter or it will be okay, there’s nothing I can do anyway. Life has a way of shaking us up and demanding we “Snap out of it!” To remember, that what we give, we receive. 

It asks us to be conscious as to how we contribute, what part we play in the bigger picture – how we treat our earth, each other, ourselves.

With all that is taking place right now, where many of us are home. The outside is quieter. The busy humans have slowed down and space has opened up for the Earth to breathe, to balance.

May we support our Earth and do the same. 

May we take the time to breathe, to clear,  to release, to balance. 

May we clean up the clutter in our minds and our dwellings. 

May we find calm in where we are, right now.

May we choose to align to the energy the Earth is asking for.

To Live consciously.

To Care and Take Care.

To honour our planet and each other with respect and kindness.

To keep the bigger picture in our focus.

To make choices that benefit us all.

Photos; Sharon Cooke

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