Wake Up! To the Energy of “20” March 20, 2020 ANNND It’s Spring!

Wake Up! To the Energy of “20” March 20, 2020 ANNND It’s Spring!

March 20, 2020

The Energy of the “20”

This is an energy that indicates that at some point there will be a powerful awakening.

It brings the awareness of new purpose, new plans, new ambitions.

May even be the feeling of a call to a cause or ideal.

Life will always present obstacles and challenges. The energy of the “2” is all about patience, timing, coming together with others and being part of the team.

Faith in your ability to change, to transform and go forward.

Not an energy that is about materialism, more about trust that you will have what you need. That your needs will be met.

Yesterday, April 19th, was the first day of Spring. Celebrate the Spring Equinox!

This is a time to celebrate fertility, creativity, the sowing of seeds, new growth. 

A new season of energy is upon us.

What seeds can we plant that will take us forward in our lives, communities, our planet.

How can we release our fears, limiting beliefs and attitudes, negative behaviours. 

We are in the midst of an amazing time in history.

Wake Up!

Allow Awareness!

Transform into what takes you Forward!


Happy Spring Everyone!

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