Well, Mercury, Is In Retrograde (I’m just saying)

Well, Mercury, Is In Retrograde (I’m just saying)

This subject was not my plan for today. But… something happened and here it is.

Yesterday I was in my iCloud account — why I have no idea, I hardly ever go there. Some evil energy descended on me. A weird message came up and prompted me to change my password. I did. From there I went to hell in a hand basket.

I went into my files and everything was gone. I mean everything. Yes, I back-up but this was bigger than having backup.

I knew that Mercury was in Retrograde, so I couldn’t validate a ‘hissy fit’ complete with crying out, “It’s not fair!!”

I knew to take a breath and step away from my computer. I showered, dressed, made my bed and then completed with the applying of lipstick. I simply don’t do much without my ‘lips’ on. Poured myself a glass of water and kept breathing. Deeply.

Then on to Apple Care, tech support, I went. My first support person did a few “Oh my God’s” to herself, but with her outside voice so I was privy to her bad news vibe. Next I was on hold for a senior supervisor. Cut to the chase, all worked out.

In the past, I would not have asked myself to choose calm over, crazy.
Mercury Retrograde, like any negative influence in your life, can take you down or take you forward. I’ve bonded with Merc so I tend to take the high road and trust in patience, timing, being flexible and placing things on hold and going on to something else. Chanting, “All works out” is always of value.                                                                                     

Mercury Retrograde happens three times per year and lasts for about four weeks each time.

Mercury gives the illusion of traveling backwards. Backward motion equals a time when things can run amuck.

The retrograde energy revolves around communication, therefore, it’s important to be clear, to confirm, double-check, perhaps even triple check. Confusion reigns, with people tending not to hear what is actually being said. Events get cancelled, plans are delayed, mistakes are made and general frustration is high.

To add to this it effects technology, machinery, automobiles. It’s not uncommon for what you use on a regular basis to break down.

As for anything legal, such as signing contracts or large purchases, take your time, even delay if possible. However, when Mercury Retrograde descends you are more than likely in the middle of things. Pause, proceed with caution, pay attention to details and breathe. One can never underestimate the power of breathing and taking a time out with a glass of wine.

Merc gives you the opportunity to think things through. You slow down and pay attention. No rushing, no forcing things to happen. It’s a time to be more conscious of timing, more allowing, more clarity.

It’s not about blaming and taking your frustration out on others or shaking a fist at the night sky when things go wrong. It’s more about reassessing. Perhaps even taking a look in the mirror and facing how you can better handle difficulties, glitches, delays. In short, Merc is not about making our lives miserable – it can be about growing. Then when April 15th arrives you can go forward with more confidence and more savvy, so when your iCloud account suggests you change your password you call Apple Care first.


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