Writing Lines

Writing Lines

For the past two months I’ve returned to writing lines — my affirmations.

There are times when positive thinking and meditation need a boost, a back-up. Taking pen to hand and writing (not typing) is an energy that is powerful. It is an extension of yourself.

When you have a focus on what you are choosing to attract and you feel as if you are missing the mark, writing can assist in creating the shift.

I enjoy Catherine Ponder’s work. Her writings were some of the first books I read, some thirty years ago, when I began my journey into metaphysics.

She’s, an easy read, practical and she tells stories from her experiences to illustrate her teachings of metaphysical concepts with a multiple of affirmations to implement change in your life and bring about manifestations for a new reality, where you are healthier, happier and more prosperous.

I take an affirmation that supports what I’m working on and I write it out ten times. The power of repetition, is just that, powerful. 

The energy of the “10” has no grey area. It asks for clarity, to be concise – no room for doubt or being wishy washy. Make a decision and stick with it.

During this process, I started to snicker, thinking  back to my school days and how many times I received the punishment of writing lines. Hundreds of lines at a time. Yes, me. Not the most obedient student. I didn’t always share the same view as my teacher. Hmmm? 

I practiced the ability to hold two pens in the same hand, producing two lines at a time. I also learned when ordered to write two hundred lines, one hundred and fifty would do. Writing large, also created the illusion that you had written more than you had. They never counted. Most times they delighted in tearing them up in your face. A gesture, I’m sure, that was to put you in your place, all the  while I’m thinking, “Whatever, I didn’t even do  two hundred – so there!”

My school lines were fuelled with anger and defiance. Instead of attracting anything positive, there was this negative tug of war  between me and my teacher. No one came away with anything productive. No one won. 

Repeatedly writing affirmations is fuelled with an entirely different energy. I am now writing what I truly want to attract. I am writing to whom I am asking assistance from, God, Goddess, Angels, Unseen Friends of the Light, all symbolizing a higher energy. I then close, “With thanks and Love.” I sign it and date it and then I read it aloud ten times. I fold the piece of paper in half and then half again. I place it under some crystals. if you do not possess crystals use something that is important to you and represents positive energy. I do this for ten days. Each day the piece of folded paper rests on top of the previous day.

Once written the energy goes out into the ethers doing what it needs to do to assist you in attracting what you have chosen to manifest.

The next part of the exercise is for you to hold the energy.

Your behaviour, attitude, actions, words, thoughts must be conducive to what you have written. If you slump into the opposite, you contradict your choice. You cancel out and push away, from what you are telling Life you are worthy and deserving of. 

It’s a complete package.

You have to align to the same energy as the words on the paper. Every time you doubt, you fear, you negate, you go back into the words and you say them, you see yourself living them. Be the choice you wish to attract and Life will help you out.

Then at the end of ten days you release the papers. If you have the means to burn them, great. I don’t, so I use my shredder. I release and trust.

Don’t cheat and only write eight rather than ten and think Life isn’t paying attention and when the fire or the shredder takes your work and reduces it to ashes or strips, Life isn’t giving you attitude (like the disciplining teacher) Life is just taking  you to the next step. Allowing it to go out to where all can begin to take hold and take place in the right time and right space, in expected and unexpected ways.  

Pen to hand, writing lines, allowing it to go out into the ethers and do it’s work. Your job is to show up make a commitment and trust. And no cheating, ten times, ten days – it is!

Oh, and remember, no wishy washy!

Catherine Ponder; Born February 14, 1927, an American minister and founder of Unity Church Worldwide, and author of several New Thought books, focused mainly on the theme of prosperity.

Photos by; Sharon Cooke

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