Can We Talk

Can We Talk

Can we talk.

Can we hear.

Can you read a post on social media, hear a voice in conversation, that isn’t your view, your perspective, your take, your opinion, your belief, your thought…

And be comfortable.


Do you feel the need to correct, attack, judge, talk over, dismiss, defend.

If so why?

Why are you afraid, lacking in confidence, feeling shame, arrogant, aggressive, self-righteous?

Before you talk, think as to why you feel the way you feel. Ask the question. Why? 

I envision an art gallery and as I make my way around, viewing each piece I listen to how others are interpreting each creation. What they feel, how it makes them think, what they see.

Similar to taking in a film or a discussion at a book club.

Some views are the same, some are very different. 

Some may make you simply go “Hmmm.” While others might make you shake your head, might make your whole body twitch or cause you to collapse
into laughter, or just gratitude.

All these interpretations, with an intention of inviting discussion.

Inviting – not dismissing, not to rile you into aggression.

Is it about winning?

And if you “feel” you’ve won, what is the prize?

Security, comfort, superiority, power.

Will it last or will it be fleeting and leave you scrolling for another post you can jump at or another news report where you can rant and shake a fist at your screen over.

Pumping yourself up.

Only to deflate again and again, always searching for the next place to pounce.


The nagging uncertainty of what is right, what is best, what is true. Can perhaps create an atmosphere where you think it will all be safer, easier, healthier if we all just think the same, do the same, have the same.

But in this world, on this planet, one view, one design, one direction, was never meant to be. 

Choice, free will, is a universal law.

Like Nature.

You may think you can have the upper hand, but in time, Universal Law, Nature, will rise up and remind us all…

Talk, listen

Calmly, peacefully

Learn, evolve


Without expectation of hearing what you think, agreeing with what you choose, seeing what you have envisioned.

Good Conversation

Not Confrontation

We can talk

I choose to trust in this.

Art; Cody Goodspeed

Photos; Unsplash, Group, Kate Kalvach, Three Boys, Refhad, Two Girls, Caroline Hernandez, Man Squinting, Ago Oganseinde, Two Men, Belinda Fewings, Group of Hands, Pinterest, Delissa Blair




  1. This is something I have been working on for awhile-listening to understand, not listening to defend! I have been distraught for awhile about how aggressive so many in the world seem right now with others who have opposing views. Maybe if we all talk less and listen more, things might start to shift- one person at a time!

    • So true Judy. There is so much fear right now, people do not feel safe. When we are in a continued fight or flight mode it’s hard to choose to breathe, relax and engage in conversation, where you realize no one’s attacking and therefore we don’t need to defend. Just talk and respect one another.
      Enjoy the day, Sharon

  2. I am learning how to communicate with compassion. My relationships are deeper more authentic and more loving as a result. I feel joyful knowing that my need to see and be seen and hear and be heard are being met.

    • Hi Lesley,
      Ah compassion, something I myself have chosen to take time with. The word sounds so gentle and therefore easy and yet it takes time to truly grasp and come to know its strength and power. And once you do, like yourself, what you attract is what you’ve been wanting.Life is grand when we are comfortable that it is all about learning, growing, evolving. Namaste friend, Sharon


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