Cherry Pie Can Slow You Down

Cherry Pie Can Slow You Down

The act of performing well planned efficient errands to me is an art form.  I start with the Post-It Note (I so love this invention). Then I plan my route. The ultimate high is when I design one where there are only right turns, no crossing traffic – I know, very impressive. Parking, I must confess I possess no passion for this exercise. I choose a spot where I drive through, no backing up. Again a time saver. I park a distance from the store with less people to look out for when landing and during take off and the opportunity for more steps. Yes, I incorporate exercise into my errand regime. Once inside I power walk. Amazing, I love it. No dawdling, focused, with a clear intention.

Covid 19 has pretty much destroyed my polished and perfected errand maneuvers.

Rather than five locations, I may only attempt two to three. Then there are the arrows. Following the plan means more steps, yeah, but does take more time. When I reach an empty aisle, this is my break away and I unleash the power walk strut. 

The social distancing asks you to have more patience. However, when I encounter the couple who park their cart in the middle of the aisle and each partner is on an opposite side, thus creating an aisle block, my hospitality experience comes in handy. I first bless the ‘thoughtless’ souls and then I inform them with a compassionate tone.

“I’m just squeezing by you.”

“I’m behind you.”

“I’m coming on your left.”

It brings them back to the reality that there are still other humans on the planet.

Reminds me of Cherry Pie.

Some forty years ago we moved to the country, where the quick errand, was anything but quick at the local country store. Fresh from the city, I’m in my ‘get in, get out’ mode. I’m in line with my butter and the lady ahead of me is sharing her cherry pie recipe with the cashier.

They are so happy, life is good, not a care in the world. SERIOUSLY!!!

I couldn’t believe it. Hello! I’m here. Yoo-hoo!

Needless to say, the cherry pie ladies, were not going to change. I was the one with the issue, all stressed and tight with tension. I would have to adjust and make peace with the sharing of recipes, know that Uncle Joe was on the mend, that Rita and Henry were breaking up and someones dog had been sprayed by a skunk for the fifth time. All important subjects to someone. 

Covid 19 is like Cherry Pie. It asks you to slow down, take a breath, relax and be content that your, ‘all-in-one-run’ errands may spill over into two excursions.

At the bank, where you continue to get your fresh air quota, by lining up outside. Your turn finally arrives and then you hear someone sharing ‘cherry pie’ stories with the teller.

The efficient part of my being starts to twitch, but the evolved side of me smiles. 

I have come to consider that with all the isolation this may be the only interaction with another human that they will have all day, maybe all week. So I mind my own business and leave them to talk pie. 

May I leave you with this.

When you start to tense, that nothing is how it was and you feel you may blow up from impatience. Take a breath – a deep breath.

Close your eyes (not while walking) and see that country store. It always needs a coat of paint, the floor boards squeak, no they do not carry brie, but they do have butter and hear the gentle banter of someones latest happening. Smell the warm sweet aroma of a freshly baked pie and if pie is not your buzz, try chocolate chip cookies. 

There you go, now all is right with your world.

Photos by: Unsplash stock photos, Dilyara Garifulina


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