Entitled To…

Entitled To…

“They feel so entitled.”

Millennials, Management, Members, oh my!!

Entitle; to qualify, make eligible, permit, to bestow, to give permission, allow.

Originally to be entitled, meant that you gave something and in return you received something.

You purchase a membership, you receive discounts, private access, a slice of luxury, networking. You are promoted for outstanding performance to management, you receive a raise, benefits, the opportunity to lead.

However, somewhere along the way it all became twisted. What was a balance of giving and receiving, took a turn towards the act of taking that was iced with arrogance. Somehow a kind of misguided thinking occurred. The idea that what was received endorsed low level behaviour.

When approached, questioned, given direction or god forbid the low level behaviour be addressed, replies that can be heard are; “I’m a member. You can’t tell me what to do.” To my personal favourite, “Do you know who I am?” And, an all time classic, “You, are nothing to me!”

You give and then you receive and then you think you can take. You can take from those around you, because you feel that the act of entitled bestowed this upon you. That you can take away another’s right to be treated with dignity and respect. That you can rob someone of self esteem by belittling and demeaning them. 

Such an unfortunate assumption.

I am certain that in the fine print of any membership or any promotion there is nothing that states, “Better Than.” I am positive that no one is awarded the privilege where  those outside of the selected circle are to be treated without integrity or good manners.

You see Life has its own agreement, and in its fine print it states what you give you will receive. Like energy attracts like in return. So when you take from others, when you treat others as less than you, you will attract this behaviour, these experiences towards you. The added bonus is that there is this wonderful clause coined, ‘ten fold’. The energy you give out exponentially multiplies ten times and returns. I feel this instills in one to pause and give thought to one’s choices.

For instance; “If I treat people like crap, I can expect a boat load of shit to land on my life.”

Now the Millennials were to give love, lots and lots of love to their parents for all the recognition that they bestowed upon them, for giving them something better. That they were wonderful, for just being, that they could be anything and have everything for merely wanting it, that they deserved accolades and awards for simply showing up. They could have it all – just because.

Unfortunately more misguided thinking.

Regardless of titles, place, contribution or the generation that one is born into what we are truly entitled to is to be treated well by one another. You give and you receive. If you choose to take, you will attract the equivalent energy of being taken. 

The next time you find yourself in a place of hierarchy, V.I.P. status, or look around and realize – “Oh my, I’m a millennium,” stop and check yourself. Ask yourself, “How am I behaving?” “What energy am I supporting?”

Enjoy the era you have been born into, what you have aspired to, what your prosperity affords you. Enjoy it, be happy, be more.

And remember regardless, we are all in this together. “Better  Than,” is simply misguided thinking.

Because I’m pretty certain no one every wants to attract a boat load of shit to drop on them.  





Photos: Unsplash; Hudson Hintze & Adi Goldstein

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  1. Thanks Sharon, I will be thinking about ‘like attracts like’ and ‘tenfold’…..


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