Giving to Ourselves, We Are Better to Each Other

Giving to Ourselves, We Are Better to Each Other

Many times, I have asked;

“Do you compliment yourself?” 

When you look good, do something well, come up with something brilliant, extend generosity to another – do you recognize you? Do you give recognition to yourself?

The response I receive is usually; silence. As if it’s a trick question. If you say yes, will you appear conceited? If you say no, does it imply you see yourself as lacking, possibly even harsher – as less than, because you can’t think of anything worth complimenting?

We have these expectations that are based on the beliefs and attitudes of past generations.

Which were never true, but served a purpose. It kept many people in their place. The place of being less, so more would follow and less would lead.

It was considered self-serving, self-indulgent to acknowledge yourself, pat yourself on the back, give approval to yourself.

You were to receive accolades only from others, from the outside. 

However, energy doesn’t work this way.

It works from within to without. Like energy attracts like energy.

This is not new information. But few hear it and even fewer act on it.

It’s not about feeling better than. 

It’s about knowing you are worthy and deserving.

And you will only truly believe this when you prove it by acknowledging yourself.

When you give to you, you begin to see more of the good in others. 

Giving to yourself, develops confidence in yourself and this grows into the strength to give the same.

You notice more. You feel kindness and generosity to extend compliments and in turn recognize those around you.

As you give to yourself, you give to others, Life returns like energy and  you begin to receive.

This is how it was always meant to be. This is the truth.

From the inside out and back again.

This Christmas be good to you, applaud you, stand by you. Give to you.

When we are good to ourselves, we are better to each other and from there, Life sends us the rewards of receiving.


Photos by; Glowing Box with Red Ribbon by, Tim Mossholder, Unsplash

                     Presents under Tree with Socked Feet by, Andrew Neel, Unsplash

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  1. Great article. I agree and have been thinking about this a lot lately.


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