“Hello Gorgeous!”

“Hello Gorgeous!”

“Do you think they mean us?”

Our morning tai chi class gathers at a store window to see what Hannah is referring to. In cursive writing is, “Hello Gorgeous.”

We all nod. It’s unanimous. “Of course, who else could they possibly be referring to?”

We laugh and begin our daily regime on a lighter note.

How do you greet yourself when you spy your reflection in the mirror?

I have to admit, there have been days where I have found myself responding to my appearance with, “Dear Lord! What happened here?”

Somedays, the “Dear Lord!” is warranted.

But that’s only somedays, what about all the other days?

The “Hello Gorgeous” window reminded me that I need to hear myself saying more often, “Lookin’ good Share!”

From there, we can expand to;

“Nice outfit.”

“Great colour on you.”


“Love you lady.”

Perhaps even a; “Wow!”

At one time it was considered vain to give such adoration to one’s reflection. This was to come from others. Leaving you to use a mirror to make sure the flaws were covered up, that nothing was stuck between your teeth and that every hair was in place.   

And more often than not we were very specific who the others were. When the praise didn’t come from them, it left us pretty much using a mirror to acknowledge what was wrong with us. We felt ugly. The looking glass became our enemy.

We forgot that energy has some pretty exact ways about how it works. Like, attracts, like.

You look at yourself and you don’t see anything good. How can you attract something positive in return?

Give, in order to receive. Give to you, in order to receive from others. 

That all along the certain “other” we’ve been waiting for, was ourselves.

Next time you’re in front of a mirror, be good to you, acknowledge you.

Stop, pause, smile, and as Streisand once said; hear yourself say, “Hello Gorgeous.”

Photos & Video by: Sharon Cooke and Youtube


  1. ‘Give, in order to receive. Give to you, in order to receive from others.’ Powerful Sharon, thank you. I’m going to tuck this away and let it simmer for a bit and definitely share it with others.

    • Happy it spoke to you Kim.
      I like to do this as well. I let something that resonates with me digest and see how it speaks to me and shows up in my life so I can actually live it.


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