How is Your Heart?

How is Your Heart?

In this time of chaos, confusion, where your head is spinning, thoughts are racing, with a brain that is not necessarily thinking clearly, do you remember to check in with your Heart?

To do this you need to stop, sit down, breathe and then tap in and listen.

Remember your Heart is your Truth.

Your Heart is meant to lead, not your Head.

Your Head takes direction from your Heart and then activates the plan, the direction, the choice.

However, if you don’t sit with your Heart and allow it the time to speak, your Head can get a tad crazy and your blessed Ego kicks in and you go off in all directions tapping into all the fear and insanity of the past and present and the illusion of an even bat shit crazier future.

Heres an exercise I picked up from Gregg Braden.

For Breathing, I find the Box Breathing Technique works well.

Inhale for 4 counts, Hold for 7 counts, Exhale for 8 counts

Go slow, it is never a race.

Harmonize Heart & Head

  1. Hand on Heart – Attention to the place where you feel the touch
  2. Slow Breathing – Feel Safe, Release
  3. Create a Feeling – One or a combination

For Anyone or Anything

You Care about  

You Have Appreciation For


Compassion For

This triggers coherence between Heart & Head

End with some deep breaths

This is an ancient ritual. It taps into your truth and who you are in this world.

This is where super learning comes from.

Solutions, creativity is activated.

Is a process that gives you resilience in this changing world and brings you the ability to embrace change in a healthy way.

Your Heart is far more than an organ that pumps to keep you alive, it has it’s own brain.

Do not ignore it. Do not miss out on your Truth.

The Brain in your Head, needs the Brain in your Heart.

They need each other.

They are here for you.

How is Your Heart?

Sit down, be still, breathe and give your Heart its dues.

Release the chaos, the confusion, the fear and…

Embrace your Truth.

It’s going to feel so much better. 

The Truth always is – so much better.

Your Heart will thank you.


Gregg Braden; American New Age Author

Photos; by, Sharon Cooke


  1. Checking in with my heart has never failed me.

    • So true! Because it’s out “truth.” We get so caught up in our heads that our heart takes the back seat when it’s the one that should be driving!

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Today I needed this – Thank you Sharon!

    • Hi Diane,

      So happy this spoke to you.It always feels good to take that quiet moment to sit, tap in and listen. It sets things right, you return to you and then you go back out into the world.

      Enjoy, Sharon


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