Humour on The Cabot Trail

Humour on The Cabot Trail

I am travelling the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, 2008. Not an easy drive for me. Up the sides of cliffs, steep embankments is my absolute worst experience. I have never found any enjoyment out of this. To say the least, my kryptonite.

We drive and we drive. And besides watching my own life flash before my eyes, I am thinking of the lifestyle of those few and far between homes I am seeing. No stores, no gas stations, nothing.

Finally we land at a small variety store, that doesn’t have much variety. Outside in the parking lot are these signs. Signs reserved for specific requirements. And I laugh.

I go inside and my first question is. Where do you shop? The woman behind the counter tells me they make an order for all their needs six months at a time. Everything. How much toothpaste, soap, toilet paper etc. that they will need. Especially in the winter, because they may not be going anywhere.

I return to the car and I look at the signs and I laugh. Regardless of what is happening – there is always the ability – the choice, to have a sense of humour.

The other day while scanning my files searching for something, I cam across these photos and once again I’m laughing at the uniqueness of this experience.  Someone designed these signs and put them in place to create laughter and imagine how many people driving the Cabot Trail, thinking how hard life is there and pulling into this convenience store, that isn’t all that convenient, to see these signs and laugh.

Like now. The variety of life may be limited and the convenience of things may be limited, but I’m sure there is something you can stumble across that is humorous and you will find yourself laughing. Laughter, a light heart – light hearted laughter, will see you through.

Who would you reserve a parking space for?

Reserved for those who trim their nostril hair.

Reserved for those who say please and thank you.

Reserved for those who haven’t had their morning coffee.

Reserved for those who have a sense of humour.




Photos: Sharon Cooke and  the Internet


  1. Of course I love the sign, Reserved for People who Floss! 😉

    • Of course you do!! Just writing this has got me laughing.
      Thank you,


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