I Remember Who I Am

I Remember Who I Am

There are days when Life says, “It’s time to grow.”

Close up it doesn’t feel like Life is on your side. It actually feels like Life is dumping as much crap as it can on you. You’re beaten up, you’ve been told that you don’t do enough, you never get it right and you never will. You feel a failure.

Then Life sends you a message from a friend.

When overwhelmed and feeling like you just can’t win.

Place your hand over your heart and say,

“I remember who I am.”

You can add or use the following separately:

“I am not worry”

“I am not guilt”

“I am not anger’

“Born with joy, created with joy, therefore I am joy.”

Now step back and breathe. Trust that what Life has sent you, you can handle, you are ready. Now embrace the experience and grow.

Thank you Deb, you are truly a woman of great beauty, substance and magic.

Photos; Sharon Cooke                 

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