I’d Like to Knit

I’d Like to Knit

My daughter comes to me and tells me that my grand daughter (age seven) would like to learn to knit and could I take this one. With a slight hesitancy, I reply, “Yes, I can take this.”

My hesitancy was not about teaching my grand daughter how to knit, it was more that I hadn’t knit since my twenties and even then I only mastered the classic scarf with fringe.

I never cast on or finished off. I seem to recall I handed that task over to my mother.

But off I go. I purchase the wool a beginners kit of how to knit. Now with dyslexia believe it or not, that beginners kit of small needles and booklet was not my friend. Off to Google I went and met a lovely lady by the name of Judy who I’m sure had me in mind when she created knitting videos in slow motion. I love Judy.

All primed. I pick up my grand daughter and tell her I will teach her to knit. She turns to me excited and informs me that she’d like to make a jacket, the fuzzy kind.

I smile and remind myself how much I love her, and reply, “We’ll be knitting a scarf.”

We begin.

“This is hard.”

“It just takes practice, it will get easier.”

A few rows in.

“This is going to take forever.”

My grand daughter’s quota was three rows and then I would do a few and then back she would come for three more.

After a time, she came to me.

“I’ve changed my mind. I’d like to make a blanket for my Barbie bed.”

Needless to say, the scarf was a far easier project than a fluffy jacket and a blanket for a Barbie bed is by far, less knitting than a scarf.

“I feel I only need about three more inches and I’ve brought by Barbie bed along to measure.”

“Right you are. Three inches should do it.”

Now grand daughters three row quota contained some dropped stitches. Meaning, their were holes.

I allowed the holes to be left, so she could see what happens when we do not focus.

Alma, what are “you” going to do about the holes?

“Close them up, I suppose.”

“I think this will take you a year.”

“Let’s hope not.”

When we mastered the last three inches, I revisited Judy and in slow motion she took me through the finishing off process. Such a lovely lady, this Judy.

I deliver the blanket and grand daughter is over the moon. She learned to knit and completed her Barbie blanket. The fuzzy jacket and scarf, a distant memory.

There are times we start a project only to begin and realize, ya, not my buzz.

Trying things out is good. New experiences. Some work out and some don’t. 

The other day while following her brothers lead of using their toboggans as snow boards, she hung in their and after many attempts she got the hang of it. 

Cross country skiers went flying by.

“Alma, I think I’d like to ski.”

“Talk to your mother.”

“Judy and I handled the knitting adventure.”

“Do you have skates?”

“Yes, I do.”


“I think I’ll see what Judy’s doing.”

Photos by; Sharon Cooke, Fuzzy jacket; Pinterest


  1. Oh Sharon that’s so funny!!!
    So funny that since covid started, I too have discovered my love for knitting again🤔❤️And have been knitting up a storm 🤪🤪
    I can honestly say I’m now addicted 🤷‍♀️

  2. Great post Sharon!

    • Thank you so much Diane. Cheers, Sharon


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