Inspiration All Around

Inspiration All Around

My dear friend Louise is off on an adventure to Vietnam and Cambodia and she writes me a, “This is what I’ve been up to,” email before she flies to other lands. Her note ends with a quote;

“Keep your heart brave,
and your imagination wild.”

Each November I attend the Zonta Film Festival, where I saturate myself in documentaries made predominately by women about subjects that effect women and actually impact all of us. They inform me and ask me to be more, to be aware and to live consciously with intention.

Then there are days when I’m on my way to somewhere, to do something and life asks me to turn my head at just the right moment, in order to receive.


Two of my grandfathers chose to hand down a smattering of wisdom, a part of their legacy to me.

I was eighteen and I wanted to rent a house. I could rent out two rooms and open a little shop where I would set reproductions and do custom picture framing. My Grampa Bullock leaned over and whispered, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I signed the lease and hung the shingle.

My mom Nora Ann, shared with me that my Grampa Cooke believed that you should never ask anyone to do something, you would not do yourself. It has always reminded me that people do not work under you, they work alongside you.

And then there’s the special moment of two young children Casey and Lucas Cluthe, who meet Alan Doyle. He sings to them in the wings off stage and then during his encore, he does a shout out, “This one’s for you Lucas!” Over the moon with excitement Casey and Lucas are beaming. Casey gives me the secret to their good fortune, “We are the Cluthe family and when the Cluthe family sticks together, good things happen.”

Then there’s a Sunday morning moment watching a movie called Hampstead with Brendan Gleeson and Diane Keaton. When the film credits begin to roll there’s a message; “Inspired by the life of Henry (Harry) Hallowes, who lived the way he wanted.”

Inspiration is all around. It’s shared, it’s in events attended, signs that catch your eye, handed down by the wisdom of our elders, given through the voice of youth and found in the stories of others.   IMG_2638

Inspiration – to lift you up, to help you remember all is possible and life is about enjoying your potential and not giving up on what stirs within your heart.

Photos By; Sharon Cooke


  1. Great post Sharon! “Living The Way We Want” enables us to ask the questions; What Do We Really Want?and How Do We Get There? 🙂

    • Thank you Bev,
      Asking ourselves questions brings us clarity. Sometimes what we think we want and we we’ve been giving time to is not what we really want at all. Once we are clear on what we want we can set our intention. This way when we become distracted we can return to our intention which helps Life assist us in how to get to where we want to be.
      Enjoy, Sharon


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