In the 1999 film, The Name of The Game, the character Bill Chapel, stands on the pitchers mound and before he throws the first pitch, inside he announces to himself, “Clear the Mechanism.” Everything inside him goes silent, he is absent of distraction, he is present and he is ready.

Shen Yun, which translates as, “The beauty of divine beings dancing,” is a performing arts company of classical Chinese dance. They are of the Falun Gong spiritual discipline. Before they perform they exercise and then they meditate, aligning to who they are and what they are about to share.

A woman stands before an audience at a Slam Poetry event to share her work. She is indigenous and before she recites her poem, she sings in her native tongue, centring, grounding, connecting to her truth.

Your intention, why are you doing what you have decided to do, what is your purpose, your goal.

When you make that decision and know why you are where you are and what you hope to achieve, gain or accomplish, it is beneficial to align to your intention, to be present with your choice, be in synch, focused, grounded.

Often we run from on event to another, with the sole intention of just getting there and getting through with no thought as to why we are truly there. We may have had an idea at the initial choice, but somewhere it slips from us and we find ourselves merely going through the motions till it is complete and we are on to the next entry in our day.

Think about when you are in the midst of a project, an outing, your work and you’re frustrated, feeling miffed, short tempered, things are bugging you or you are thinking more of your next task or somewhere you’d rather be, you have more than likely lost your intention.

Stop and remind yourself what it is and realign. You’ll feel better and do better and from there attract a more positive reality.

However, you may have to come to terms that you have never considered an intention and may have to face that why you do what you do is not of value to you or anyone. It may be you’ve been doing something to just fit in, make someone happy or it may fall into the realm of, “It’s better than nothing, or it pays the bills.”

Be good to you. Stop and reevaluate why you do what you do, what you wish to accomplish and what purpose dose it serve. May it be the best for all concerned and remember, you are part of this; the best for you too.


Photos by; Sharon Cooke

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  1. I do agree – knowing what your intention is in all you do in life is important. I used to tell my kids – and my students – to think about their intention in their behaviour? If your intent was not to be unkind or malicious but to be positive and kind then that is okay. If your behaviour still was hurtful to another person in some way, then make amends with the person, but know that your intent was good.


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