The Art of Muscle Testing

The Art of Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing originated in Applied Kinesiology.

Kinesi – a movement

Ology – a science or branch of learning

Kinesiology – The study of the movement of the body.

In the early 60’s an American chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, discovered that muscle testing could determine the state of acupuncture meridians and therefore the energetic condition of the body. This method could determine whether a given muscle group was functioning normally. As this technique could determine physical trauma, it was felt that it could possibly determine emotional trauma. 

And it did with 80% accuracy and it continues to do so.

Your being contains all of your information, like your own personal hard drive. Muscle testing allows a practitioner to access your information. Your information rather than someone’s opinion.

Muscle testing takes you to the source. Where it all began. It allows you to know how ready you are to move forward, what may be blocking you. You can determine which supplements are beneficial to you and how much would be best for you to take and on and on. 

Thirty years ago, in the late 80’s, my chiropractor and my family doctor were both using Muscle Testing to access information and to ensure that any manipulation had indeed taken effect. 

I decided I wanted to learn how to do what they were doing. My doctor, gave me the name of another practitioner and she sat me down and instructed me on what I needed to read and what courses I needed to take. 

I said, “Yes” and away I went.

Dr. Goodheart was doing this in the 60’s, I began using this form of Kinesiology in the in the late 80’s and it was still outside the box, as mysterious, hooga-booga to many.

Now we are 2019 and it’s Thursday April 25th and Thursday’s have meant ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ since 2005. In this episode I’m watching a therapist use Muscle Testing on the character Dr. Owen Hunt to access the source of his PTSD which he feels is due to his time serving as a trauma surgeon with the U.S. Army while on tour in Iraq.

He tells the therapist that he’d been referred to him, but that he wasn’t into any kind of ‘voodoo’. In spite of his comment, the therapist begins muscle testing Dr. Hunt to the source of his block, to the age that keeps him from going forward and enjoying his life. It is not Iraq. It is his childhood. It was a day he had arrived home from school to share that he had won a prize for his work. But before he could say anything, his mother told him that his father had died. He felt ashamed of being proud and happy. He never told anyone, of the prize he had won. 

By accessing the source he was able to come to terms as to why he did not trust feeling joy. Whenever he got close, he stopped it and sabotaged it, before it could manifest and something terrible could happen.

It was time.

Time to let go. Time to trust that it is safe to be happy, to experience joy and to share your achievements, your happiness. That keeping all the good of Life at bay, doesn’t necessarily keep the terrible of Life away. But it does keep one from experiencing the good that Life has to offer.

He allows himself to cry, to release.

It’s next Thursday, May 2nd and Dr. Own Hunt is back at the Therapist, with an acknowledgment, “Your weird voodoo is working. I feel clear. I feel clear in what it is I want. And I don’t feel guilty that I’m going to try to get it, and that’s some kind of miracle. I want more.”

And so he continues to work with the therapist who practices Muscle Testing.

Since the 90’s I have taught what I call the “Art of Muscle Testing” where you learn to muscle test another,
yourself and even do remote muscle testing, where you muscle test on behalf of another person (even your pets) with permission. 

Anyone can learn it, everyone can make use of it. It is a tool, that with a genuine intention, allows you to access your information. It is a tool that provides you with the opportunity to go forward, to know more, to heal, to grow.

Thank you Grey’s Anatomy for taking a valuable tool out of the “voodoo closet.” 

Thank you to;

Dr. Richard Kitchen, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist

Dr. Shiela Hall, Holistic Practitioner and General Practitioner

Dr. Irene Yaychuk-Arabei, Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Certified Acupuncture Health Practitioner, Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner

Three In One Concepts, Gordon Stokes / Daniel Whiteside

Grey’s Anatomy, created by Shondra Rhimes, Television Producer, Television and Film Writer, Author

Photo: Internet Stock Photos


  1. Interesting. My son had muscle testing done for allergies-20 or more years ago!!

    • Yes, my son as well. It’s accurate and painless. Thank you Judy for sharing.


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