My First Podcast!

My First Podcast!

Hi Every one,

Please check out my first podcast.

“Dead Set on Living” with Lyn Bravo


Titled; “The Art of Self-Actualization and Addressing Your Karmic Debt” April 2, 2019

“Researching yourself and receiving your information, your story, allows you to step back and see the bigger picture. This gives you the opportunity to wake up and live consciously in the present. This is the focal point of this episode of Dead Set On Living as we are joined by Numerologist, Writer, Intuitive, specializing in Energy Research, pertaining to the Self in both your Personal Life and Professional Environment, Sharon Cooke. Strap in for the next 50 mins and unlock your mind!”


Photo: Lyn Bravo, “Dead Set on Living”



  1. Refreshing! I listened to it twice. Thanks for the light you bring into the world Sharon!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Tonya.
      Glad you enjoyed the podcast!


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