My Usefulness Today

My Usefulness Today

In my bathroom on my window sill sits a tiny frame. Within the tiny frame are some very powerful words.

“Bless Me into Usefulness Today”

I see these words every day and I ask life for direction.

I don’t know what my usefulness will be, but I know that it will be of value to the greater good.

It may be sharing this quote, it may be saying hello to a stranger and exchanging a smile. It may be helping my family, holding a door, volunteering, buying a ticket to support another’s creativity, doing my work…   jesse-orrico-62699

It reminds me that I contribute. It tells me I am courageous to be open to allowing life to direct me to where I am needed and then taking part.

I am grateful to be conscious that each day I am out and about, I count, I give and I receive.

This morning when I turned on my radio, I heard it was Oprah Winfrey’s birthday. I immediately thought of this quote, as it was from Oprah I received it many years ago.

Today, may you celebrate your usefulness.    kris-chin-343494


Photos by;, wall art by photo by; Kris Chin


  1. Hello Sharon.
    Thank you for your message. It will have impact on my life as I will be more aware of my usefulness.
    Huge hugs and love.

    • Thank you Dorothy,
      Yeah to being aware of our value and all we have the opportunity to contribute.
      Always good to hear from you, so far away and so close. Stay in touch.

  2. Sharon, it is a very useful quote as we feel immediately better once we contribute to life in a mindful manner. It also strengthens our immune system and improves our wellbeing. Thanx

    • Thank you Grace,
      You are so right. Where we are to be useful will find us and then we know we are part of so much more.
      Enjoy the day,


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