Numerology: Energy of the “2”

Numerology: Energy of the “2”

Where “1” energy was about action, being courageous to go forward, the “2” Energy is an intuitive energy. Therefore it is more about the “pause” being still in order to hear your inner voice.    Unknown

“2” Energy is about details, taking the time to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, not rushing with the attitude of, “this will do, it’s good enough,” especially when you know it isn’t. It’s about learning more, studying.

I’d say it’s about patience, but we all know that most humans today are more focused on instant and getting it NOW! We live in the era, if you don’t receive your order in twenty minutes, it’s free. Too funny, because energy just doesn’t work that way. The joke is on us.

Life is Yin and Yang, the ebb and flow, action giving way to rest. So if you are the type that likes to run from one day into the next and push through every experience, you will be the one who has the melt down and land in the corner crying, “Oh woe is me, it’s all too much, I’m so stressed, it’s all so overwhelming.” Oh Boo Hoo! You’re out of balance due to the silly choices you have made. So acknowledge it and learn.

If the word PATIENCE makes you twitch then use TIMING. “2” energy is about respecting the timing of events and sometimes now has to wait for the right moment.

“2” is also about working together as a team, it is not about being in the lead. More about knowing what part you play in the scheme of things, how you contribute and doing it well and acknowledging the value of knowing how to be a team player.

As “2” is a sensitive energy, about taping in, this is where Life whispers to you and if you can take the ear buds out your ears, you may just be privy to some pretty cool info.This is the whisper that says, “Read it again, you’ve missed something. Call your mother now. Don’t take the highway today.”

Now this is November, the “11” month where 1+1= 2 therefore you have the “11/2”energy.

This is a Master Energy which heightens the ability to tap into the Divine. Good time to truly sit up and take note, pay attention and listen. Because your inner voice doesn’t “chew its cabbage twice.” It’s fleeting, like a breeze that passes across your face and is gone.

Today is November 20th – more “2” energy – the “20” gives us the ability to take a negative situation and recreate it into the positive. Now mind you – you first need to own why you are in the negative and then affirm, meditate, visualize what would be the positive – what would be the best for all.

Remember it’s not a ME energy, it’s a We – it’s more about taking the higher ground in moving towards what benefits all.

Remember it’s a sensitive energy. Sensitive as in tapping in to you – not the sensitive that takes it all too personally and gets caught up in hurt feelings; feeling sorry for yourself.

“222” appearing is asking me to wake up and take stock of what has been happening and what is taking place. Am I hearing it accurately or have I allowed my ego to overtake and I’m upset over something I think has gone wrong when really it has gone very right.

Numerology: Energy of the “2” being at peace with the “pause,” with “timing”. Pay attention to the details, study. Be a positive member of the team and listen. Tap into you and begin to hear your inner voice. Move past your ego, the lie and know what it is to hear your heart, the truth.  images-2


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  1. Thank you Sharon, today you are the voice that I needed. My new job requires me to slow down, cross my t’s & dot my I’s, it’s a new pace for me – but a good one, take time to think about what I am doing and not just do. In work and in life.

    • Good to hear from Donna.
      Stepping back and allowing yourself to take in the big picture is always good when all gets hectic. Be quiet will what you see and feel. Ask for help and then listen to what Life has to say – it will be you, guiding you.


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