Please Close The Gate

We distance ourselves from the critical, negativity of others.
But we forget to close the gate on the biting words inside our own head.



Say something nice to you.

Bravo!, Well Done!, You’re Amazing!

Too hard?
Start again and keep it simple.
Go small.
“Nice dinner, pretty smile, just held the door for someone – good for you.”

Now keep it going.

Get yourself out of an old age, an old way of thinking that complimenting oneself was self-serving, self-indulgent. egotistical, sinful. No one benefitted from this concept.

Move into where we are now and into the truth.

It is good, healthy and imperative to the evolution of your soul, to be kind to you. It’s even more impressive when you can sincerely declare that you love you.

As it was once coined, “Try it, you’ll like it.” I would even venture to say, “…You’ll love it!


  1. What a great reminder and so easy to fall into the negativity.
    I used to “think” I loved myself until I attempted to feel what that felt like. I began asking how I would go about doing that. When we can ACCEPT who we are in any given moment, without judgment, we truly love ourselves.

    Bravo Maggie! Post well done <3

    • Thanks for sharing this Maggie.
      Your comment makes me think. Acceptance without judgement. So often we judge ourselves far more than anyone else, which automatically negates us, therefore sending a message that we are not loved. I hope we’ll all give this a go. In the moment, ACCEPT – no judgement and feel the love that Maggie’s talking about.


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