Prayers for Healing

Prayers for Healing

An interfaith group called, “Prayers for Healing” is holding a prayer session in the hospital lobby of New Amsterdam. Season 2 Episode 12 of the New Amsterdam TV series.  

Unexplained miracles start to take place. But they are taking up space and they make those who don’t understand the power of prayer uncomfortable. To reach some sense of security from this phenomena that science cannot wrap their head around, they are asked to leave. 

They do.

And the power of their prayers goes with them. 

The energy of the hospital shifts, the miracles stop and some of what had been going forward slides into decline.

The time that is upon us now, is where the health and well being of the world could use the power of prayer.

As we are a planet of free will and choice, the power of the direction we take is in us. 

We can invest in fear or we can fuel ourselves and the world with what we truly wish to attract and create for the good of all. 

The choice to pray is as old as Life itself. When we join together, the power exponentially multiples.

Praying for healing is one step. The why is important. Why is the healing needed?

The virus that has descended upon our planet may give the appearance in the physical to be pushing us a part from one another, when the truth is, it has brought us together. Everyone is being effected. No one is escaping the impact. We are all connected.

Here is our choice. The choice of how we are connected. In fear, in loss, in isolation, in lack, in struggle. 


We can connect in healing, safety, compassion, grace, love, prosperity.

Why do we want this healing?

Perhaps, so we can go forward. Living our truth. Being good to one another. Knowing we all want the same thing. To live in good health, prospering and contributing to the good of all.

We have this time to pray.  We have this time. 

I hope you take this time to send a message out to your God, to Life, out into the ethers.

A message that benefits everyone. So once again we can go about our lives and live. 

Live well.

Live true.

We have this time. We have been given time.

May we join together in energy and pray.


Photos by; Sharon Cooke & Unsplash, Olivia Snow


  1. Brilliant guidance Sharon! Thank-you 🙂

    • So beautifully said. Thank you sharing your beautiful energy &

      continue to walk in your still

      sending love and light

      • Clarissa, so good to hear from you!
        Love to catch up and know how you are doing and where you are at.
        So enjoyed working with you.
        Be in touch.
        Thank you. Love and light to you.

    • Oh Virginia, thank you!
      I must say though I value you so much for all you have given me!
      You are a wonderfully gifted healer, who helps to keep me healthy and moving forward.

  2. Sharon, thank you for this, my friend. I’ve been waiting for your wisdom! I’ve been thinking about our human desire/need to control things and what an illusion that is. I am going to try to let that go (yikes!) and pray. I believe that a consistent practice of prayer will elevate the attitude of “well, it can’t hurt!” to a true feeling of connection to the earth, the human race, and the divine. Now all I have to do is begin.

    • I sit in the morning and write my prayers. Life always sends me what I need to pray about and for whom. I give thanks and I ask for assistance, light, love, for others. I truly feel if we could contribute to this, our collective energy would create miracles.
      Namaste my friend, Sharon


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