Rabbit Medicine

Rabbit Medicine

Over the past few months, several people I’ve chatted with have mentioned an abundance of Rabbit sitings, likewise myself.

Rabbits can bring us various messages. Fertility and new life is prominent. 

The Rabbit knows how to protect itself from predators. It will nestle in and tells us there are times when it is necessary to keep plans safe and not feel the need to share your every move. Also, not to box yourself in.

There are times when opportunities will present themselves for brief moments. Rabbits can go from a frozen state into great speed with rapid turns and being able to double back if necessary.

The 28 day cycle, which is connected to the lunar cycle can be relevant and will manifest in your life. It is the length of time that the young rabbits are ready to go on their own and will even be pushed out if a new litter is on the way.

You may be asked to pay attention to your diet choices, as Rabbits are vegetarian.

Rabbit alerts you to pay attention, be aware, awake to the signs that present themselves. Attune to lunar and tide cycles in your life. They will assist you with the flow of  your creativity.

Rabbit is associated with Fear. Ask yourself what you are afraid of. From the source Medicine Cards there is an exercise.

Write your fears down.

Breathe into them.

Feel them running through your body into Mother Earth

as a give-away.

The Rabbit is very much associated with the Faerie Realm. Like in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland the White Rabbit leads Alice down the rabbit hole in to a world of adventure. An adventure that you enter without knowing what it will present. The choice for the experience to be wondrous or troubling – is ours to make.

On occasion, while out for a walk, I have passed a young woman who has a white rabbit. Sometimes she carries the rabbit in a basket, other times she pushes her companion in a stroller. She is pretty, impeccably dressed, composed and her rabbit is the same. Everything is pristine and in place. She doesn’t follow the rabbit, she takes the rabbit wherever she decides to go. 

Life right now can be wondrous or troubling. We can hide out in fear or we can proceed cautiously – ready to move when needed, to act on opportunity as it presents itself, allowing for our creativity to manifest into new life.

May the pretty perfectly attired and controlled young woman’s rabbit one day assure her, she is safe – leap from its basket, where she will laugh and chase after it on an adventure where she has no idea what will be presented to her. She will trust and she will be okay.


Rabbit, Sharon Cooke

Alice & Rabbit by; Kailie Butler, Pinterest Stock Photo


Medicine Cards by; Jamie Sams & David Carson

Animal Speak by; Ted Andrews


  1. Thank you Sharon! I was not aware of how many fears I was holding onto until I began writing them down. The breath work was very effective.

    • This is wonderful. Putting pen to hand and having what we need to know, to acknowledge, be aware to in front of us on a page, releases so much, allowing us to move forward. Thanks so much for sharing Karen.
      Namaste, Sharon

  2. I had a similar experience to Karen. Once I started writing, I was surprised at how much fear I was holding onto. I breathed through my list several times. I feel like I was able to let go of the fear with most things but still have some breathing to do on a few fears. I have been seeing lots of rabbits too. I will use future sightings to remind me of my fears and the practice of breathing through them for release. Thanks Sharon.

    • I find when I acknowledge the source of the fear and how often it is no longer relevant to where I am now, it helps to release it.
      Then I reinforce it by telling myself, I am safe. Enjoy, Sharon


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