Stretch Those…Eyes!

Stretch Those…Eyes!

Nothing new – that you need to move. Get up, get out and move. Every day, throughout the day. Nothing new.

But, what about those eyes?

These days a large percentage of your day is in front of a screen. Your eyes for the most part, are staring straight ahead. Not good. Far too much in one direction.

This weakens your eyes, creates an imbalance in your system and disconnects you to the all of you. It numbs you and deteriorates your abilities to think and create for yourself. You become hypnotized by the constant barrage of information and entertainment. 

Becoming so out of synch with yourself, many can even experience aggression, lack of ability to reason, your brain becomes cloudy, coordination suffers. In short you are a mess.

These screens provide us with unlimited sources, that can ignite us and brings us knowledge. But too much breaks us down.

Broken down, your ability to discern between what is accurate and what is fabricated, spiralling you into a state of confusion.

We need our eyes and we need our brains. We need to see and think clearly and not simply follow along with whatever is presented to us. 

Now our children are online for hours at a time. Yes, there are teachers who remind their students to drink water, breathe and offer them movement breaks. None the less, it’s too much, for too long.

Looking in one direction repeatedly, can create tunnel vision where you lock on one perspective and find it difficult to entertain another point of view.

So when you stand up and move, remember your eyes and give them a stretch.

Just as you reach up and down and around with your body, do the same with your eyes.

We need our Right and Left Brains to work together and balance. We need to keep clear and approach life with fresh eyes, where new perspectives are welcome, where we receive visions that bring us creativity. Where we remember to embrace our own thoughts, where we value the ability to think for ourselves.

Remember, it was discovered and confirmed a long time ago that our world is not flat, it is round.

So, look up, look down, look all around.


With the First Finger (Pointer Finger) and Thumb rub the two points of your skull that juts out. Your, “Eyes in the back of your head”

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

While keeping your head facing straight forward.

Stretch your eyes Clockwise

Straight Ahead

Straight Up

Up to the Right


Down to the Right

Straight Down

Down to the Left


Up to the Left

Now repeat and go Counter Clockwise 

Remember to breathe.

Take your time. Count slowly to 5 for each eye direction.

All the while rubbing your skull.

If it aches, shows you how much you need this.

You can add these affirming statements;

Straight Ahead – “I am willing to be receptive. I am open”

Straight Up – “I accept where I am. I go forward”

Up to the Right – “I am involved. I am present”

Right – “I am enthused”

Down to the Right – “I am motivated”

Straight Down – “I am at one. I am at peace”

Down to the Left – “I am attuned. I am in harmony”

Left – “I am free”

Up to the Left – “I am fascinated. I am interested”

Photos; Sharon Cooke

Source; Barbara Marciniak; Author, Advanced One Brain; Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside, Brain Gym; Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D. and Gail E. Dennison

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