That Annoying Noise in My Car

That Annoying Noise in My Car

I have this noise in my car. Not always. There is a certain pattern and then there isn’t.

I took it to my mechanic Jorge, who is amazing and we did a test drive. Of course; nothing!

He tells me to tape the noise. “Okay,” I reply, I can do this. Not easy, when the fines for distracted driving are quite the threat and to add to the challenge, I can’t do anything on my cell phone without my  readers (as in glasses, that I don’t wear all the time). Yes, I’m over forty, okay, I’m over fifty, but I’m not the “old lady” that my darling (not so darling at times) grand children call me. Wait till Christmas and then they’ll think twice as to what they call me!! Ha Ha, the old lady (which I’m not) still has the upper hand!

I have to admit that I may have shared too much with Jorge. I told him that the noise was so loud and as I was concerned that my car might break down, I started affirming for the best, in short praying. Low and behold it stopped. Jorge took my sharing in stride. I think.

Jorge did his best, worked on my car and felt he had  taken care of the noise. But he hadn’t and by the time I’d returned home it was there again. 

A few days later I’m out with my son, Cody,  and by the end of our excursion my car sounded the ‘noise’. The next day Cody sent me a Facebook message. The photo of a woman driving her car with the caption;

“I finally fixed that annoying noise in my car,

I just opened the door and pushed him out!”

After I laughed, I paused and wrote him back. “I don’t have a ‘him’ to push out. I just have, me!”

My prayers that hushed the noise, were affirmations about my life being in a good place, that I was safe, healthy and happy. That I was open to prosperity, success.

But there are times I let my mind get the better of me and I worry. Am I safe, will I be okay? Life speaks to us through people, experiences and things that are close to us in order to get our attention as to what requires balancing, healing, releasing.

My car has been very good to me. Faithful, gets me where I need to go and has hung in there, with minimal amount of care and expense, considering its age. Yikes, more about age.

My car, was speaking to me. Telling me that I had to get my act together and remember that any worry was contradictory to what I wanted to attract into my life. 

I’m back on track. Consistent. As a result I’m moving forward. 

Yes, I still have a noise in my car. Haven’t heard it in awhile, but just the same, I’m going to let Jorge do what he does best. When we allow a situation to persist and it begins speaking to us through our physical world, merely shifting ones pattern can work, but sometimes we have to appreciate that we have allowed its manifestation to take hold. 

Jorge will take care of the noise in my car. As for the noise in my head, that’s up to me to shove out the door. 

Photos by; Internet and Unsplash Stock Photo by: Calvin Chou


  1. Hi Sharon!
    I love this story and how you have considered a meta-physical outlook.
    I took drive an “old” vehicle and recently had leaky transmission lines which needed replacing. To me, transmission represents switching gears in order to propel forward.
    Hmm I thought, I can see how that applies to my life, interesting! 600 dollars later and all set.
    The following week my vehicle steering is having issues. Loud noise and very tight steering. When it rains, it pours I thought. Then it all made sense to me. I am stuck, having issues / uncertainty with the direction which I am moving etc.
    Back to the garage where the mechanic identified a hose in steering column that needed to be replaced. In light of the prior expenses incurred, he generously did the job free of charge!
    I love how scenarios occur in our lives to deliver a hidden meaning or message which further enlighten us and evolve our spirit.


    • Hi Bev,

      What I like best about your story is that by looking at the connection between you and your car, even though you had to take your car back, life rewarded you with the second repair being no charge.

      Sometimes when we get off track and something in our physical reality is now trying to get our attention, when we “finally” get it, life still gives us a Bravo!

      Enjoy the day,


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