The Place You Come From

The Place You Come From

The place you come from is important. 

I’m not talking geography. 

I’m talking intention. 

I’m talking the energy you align to.

Think about it, sit down, pour a cup of… and mullonder.* 

Most importantly be honest with yourself.

For the past few years I’ve been out and about stretching myself. I’ve gone on week long discoveries, retreats, attended lectures, classes. I’ve placed myself in realities that in the course of the average day I may not find myself in.

I’ve met people who have strong beliefs, opinions, views, perspectives. People who advocate for others, ideas, lifestyles, to promote awareness and initiate change, supporting freedom of choice and life.

I’ve come away with lots to think about. 

Throughout this experience I have to say, that in amongst the information and opening myself up to change, I have heard and felt the energy of anger. So much so, I’ve needed to step away from time to time before I go back for more.

It makes me ask, can you advocate for change and reap success fuelled by anger?

When you are royally pissed off and you let out a primal scream of, “No More!” You do get people to sit up and take notice. But when you keep yelling and attacking, you will attract more to be angry at. 

Universal Law; Like Attracts Like.

And do remember that anger is Fear. And Fear is not true power.

And then on a Sunday evening in September, I’m in Toronto at a club listening to Xavier Rudd from Australia and between songs he shares what he is standing for. 

He wants the environment to be healthy and for people to realize we can be accepting of all. But, he’s not angry. 

He has chosen to align to Love. The Power of the Energy Love. He speaks to the audience and asks for us to recognize the power of Love, this magnificent energy and he asks that you send this energy out to all and everything. Each other, the oceans, the sky, the forests, the animals. Love, the only true Power. The energy that will bring healing and change.

Fear is in your head, your ego. Never the truth.

Love is in your heart, your truth. Always, the Truth. Love – True Power.

Ask yourself, why do we defend with anger over supporting with love?

Lately I’ve seen these signs around the city.

Heart beats Hate

Stand Up

Speak Out

Push Back

Listen to this message, really hear the words and what they will attract.

I prefer to support, Heart beats for Love.

Can we stand up, speak out and embrace Love for what we want more of in our World. Let’s not Push Back, let’s welcome it in and throw our arms around it.

These are times of great change that challenge us to think, act and speak with a greater conscious act of mindfulness.

It’s a process of learning, practicing and getting better each day at being more humane and good to one another and to our planet.

I think of  Yoda;  “Do or not do. There is no try”

I’m asking myself to move from trying, to doing.

I stick my neck out

I open my eyes

I open my mouth

I reach

I take a step forward

Do I have it right? Do I get it all?


Mistakes happen. 

Some people laugh at my mishaps,

Forgiving me.

Some attack

It’s messy

I apologize

I ask questions

And I head back out again.

I head back out again and I ask myself  not to be angry. I ask myself to come from love.

And just in case I find myself struggling. I turn on some Xavier and love returns to me.


Xavier Rudd: An Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Several of Rudd’s songs incorporate socially conscious themes, such as spirituality, humanity, environmentalism and the rights of Indigenous Australians.

*Mullonder; To mull and ponder a thought, idea, perspective.

Photos by: Sharon Cooke


  1. HiSharon. I wonder if you are the Sharon Cook who was on main Street in Cambridge many years ago. I don’t know if you remember me I’m Leslie Anderson and I went to you and thoroughly enjoyed our meeting. If it is you I would love to schedule a meeting

    • Hi Lesley,
      Yes, it’s me! Great to hear from you. I have also sent you an email.Would be great to meet with you again.
      Enjoy the day,


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