The Sky is Falling or Fall is Coming

The Sky is Falling or Fall is Coming

As I walk through the community gardens, beneath some very stately oak trees the ground is blanketed with discarded leaves and as I value the energy of the oak I stoop to pick some up and then sit with my handful of nature.

As I sit the air begins to rain acorns. A new cycle is approaching.

Returning home with my fallen treasures, I sit to write and enjoy a morning coffee, the trees are in chaos with energetic squirrels. Black walnuts are dropping and as much as I attempt to focus, I am met with the walnuts encased in their lime green shell rolling along my terrace and up against my feet.

There is no escaping. A new season is speaking.

The sky is not falling. Fall is simply coming.

The air has cooled and the humidity has lifted. The odd leaf has raced ahead and changed to red.

Energy in its natural flow does not simply switch on and off.  It eases into and out of.

Before you come down with the cold, you feel overwhelmed, overtired. Your system  whispers to you, before it screams with sneezing , an aching body and chills.

Before the ceiling collapses, a brown ring forms, perhaps a subtle drip of water and possibly a bulge in the material that holds it all together.

Before you have to cut back and come to terms with overspending, you know you used your credit card more than your bank account.

Before someone screams and runs out the door, you know the relationship is in jeopardy.

There are so many early signs to what may be approaching.

Are we listening, is the question?

Or do we ignore, push it aside, that by some stroke of luck it will just go away.

But like the seasons when Fall is on its way, it’s on its way.  

When Life is nudging you to take notice of your health, a potential plumbing issue, your financial situation,  or the collapse of a relationship – hiding from it, won’t cause it to disappear into the ethers. More often than not, it will send you the message, “You can run but you can’t hide.” And it will grow.

Change is a constant. The energy of Life is never static. Allow yourself to move with what is speaking to you gracefully.

The air will cool and you may have to eventually wear socks. The leaves will drop from their branches.

Rest when your body is overwhelmed. Call a plumber before the ceiling collapses on you. Take your credit card out of your wallet and let it rest. Talk with the person you are avoiding. 

Life does attempt to ease you from one cycle of your experience into another. It is only ever abrupt  when you attempt to ignore it. 

Before your sky falls down on you. Embrace the cycle, the change, the experience that is upon you. Move with it and through it, don’t run from it. 

Because, it will find you.

Photos; Sharon Cooke


  1. Your blog has a soft even flow, and your writing skills allows the reader to visualize the changing of the guard. There are nuts all around us but more noticeable in the fall, as our routines shift into a slightly quicker gear.

    • Thanks Alex for reading. Enjoy the season!


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